Monday, October 17, 2011

Update: Doctors Appointment

Today didn't go as planned. I kind of expected it but only for the same reasons I've been having and not new ones. Ughh! So I'm back at the hospital for god knows how long. They said it could be a few days or it could be until he comes. But the good news is he's still in there baking away. Even tho I was on complete bed rest since my last doctor's appointment. Minus going to the bathroom and one shower. ( I did lay on the couch for a few hours one day but I was still laying down). When I say bed rest I mean full out laying down. No sitting up what so ever. Hence the reason I get acid reflux really bad! But anyway....They did the normal ultrasound routine. They do the internal to check my cervix. Which it was still measuring at 20mm. It's not super short but it isn't considered a normal length. So they were still concerned about that...AND....they also measure the fluid around the baby and it is measuring low. Which they obviously need that fluid to survive. The reason my fluid is low is because of the medication I have been on since being in the hospital, which is Indocin. It helps stop pre-term labor and helps close the patent ductus arteriosus. Not a doctor but it has to do with the lungs so he is able to breath outside of the womb. The side effect of it causes the baby's kidneys to not produce as much urine. Which is the fluid around him. So they were concerned that it would hurt him. They stopped giving me that medicine and started me on another similar one, with different side effects, called Procardia. The Indocin also helped stop any contractions. I've only had them once this entire time and that was after surgery.

So the reason for being in the hospital is to monitor the baby and to make sure I'm not having contractions. I could have gone home but if something bad were to happen I wouldn't really know it. So we thought this would be the best thing. Thank god I'm not hooked to any IV's...yet! They did come in and draw blood. That's another story in itself. These people aren't the greatest at finding veins! I also have the contraction belt on and I did have the belt on to hear his heart beat but since he moves around so much anyway they took it off because it was pointless.

On a good note. During the external ultrasound we got to see him again. He had his hands laying over his chest. And when she got a shot of his face you could see that his eyes are open now! Yay! He still kind of looks like a skeleton on the screen but to hear his eyes are now open is a big relief because it means he's growing! We can at least get that part right! So far I haven't had any steroid shots to help him mature faster but the nurse did mention it tonight that she was going to bring it up to the doctor. Since more than likely I will have a pre-term baby. They want to make sure he's healthy and can survive.

So....that's all I got for now. I would much rather be at home but bed rest isn't fun period so I guess I might as well be somewhere where he can be taken care of if needed. I'll update again when I hear more.


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