Monday, October 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I was scheduled to get an ultrasound. It's normally between 9-10am. She didn't end up coming until around 1pm. I was a little annoyed since I was waiting on the verdict of whether I could go home or not. I wanted to just pack my stuff and leave! So the lady comes in and I really don't even remember her, unless her hair was different, but she asked if I had lost weight. Umm no! I'm not exactly getting any exercise ya know! She tells me that the fluid is normal and that my Cerclage still looks good. And that my cervix is between 23-25mm. I knew that was pretty much normal so as soon as she left we started packing! LOL! Well we thought we would leave soon but ended up waiting 2 more hours! The doctor had came in that morning and told me she already had everything written up and ready to go. So I'm not sure if it really takes that long or if the nurse was just slacking. My doctor also informed me that if I were to get pregnant again that she would suggest I get a Cerclage placed in my abdomen since my cervix is so small. Told her I highly doubt after all of this that I will have another one. But who knows! I'll have to look into that. So I'm finally home!

We had a little drama with the medication I'm suppose to be on and Walgreen's refusing to fill it. Last time I was put on Indocin which is a blood pressure medicine but they've also found it stops contractions. They didn't want to fill it because they determined I shouldn't be on it. They ended up giving it to us. Well this time since the Indocin made my fluid low they switched me to Procardia which is the same thing just a different medication. I couldn't go in to get it obviously. So Blake dropped it off and went back later to get it. He was told that they weren't giving it to me again because it isn't used for preterm labor or to stop contractions. Ok, it is 2011. There are all kinds of new medications. You would think Pharmacists would be updated on all of this. NO! I was also prescribed Progesterone that I was to do vaginally. They gave me a pill that is suppose to be taken orally. Yes, I know it can probably just be inserted vaginally but I'm new to all of this and it wasn't what I was use to using in the hospital. And to me it was just kind of unsanitary to not have the proper applicator when I've had an infection before and that's what I'm trying to avoid. Blake was highly frustrated! So I call the hospital and talk to my nurse. She changes it to the Procardia Extended Release which is once a day. The pharmacist (or who we thought was the pharmacist) wouldn't even call my doctor to verify. She just refused to give it to me. So I get all that figured out. Blake had to go to work by this time. So I try calling Walgreen's to make sure they got the phone call from the nurse. No one answers after being on hold for 20 mins. (Blake's cousin in Florida was also highly mad and called and complained too!)My mom goes up there and is gone for an hour! She comes back and tells me that the person refusing to give me the medication was an Intern! Who clearly didn't know what she was doing because she kept messing up other orders. The pharmacist didn't even know what was going on. My mom talked to the store manager and told him that she should not be working back there if she doesn't know what she's doing! So after all that I finally got the medicine I need. Had they refused to give it to me and I had contractions they would be in a huge mess of trouble! Needless to say I will never go back to Walgreen's ever!

I have to call today (which I just reminded myself..thanks!) to get an appointment for Friday to get my cervix rechecked. Can I just say I am so annoyed with all of this! Yes I know it is for my baby and I shouldn't complain but unless you have been through it I don't think you realize just how frustrating all of this can be! I mean I can't even walk in the kitchen and get a glass of water. I've laid in a bed going on a month. Lord, is it December yet?! I never thought I would cry because I missed working but on the way home I did. I hate just laying here knowing Blake and my mom have to do everything for me. I almost feel like I'm in prison or something. I just have to keep telling myself that come December it will all be worth it. Right now it doesn't feel that way.

Time to catch up on some tv and watch Hocus Pocus!

Happy Monday!

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