Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ultrasound Update 10/28/11

We made it to 27 weeks! We would have ever thunk it! Going from being told our baby won't make it to he's still in there baking away. He truly is a miracle baby and stubborn as his dad! Blake said he's grounded until he's 18 already! LOL

We had our ultrasound check up yesterday at 11:30. I got up and got ready, even put some makeup on for a change. We get in the room and she checks Levi and said how cute he is. She then does the vaginal one to check my cervix and instantly says, "Well guess where your going!". That's all she said the entire time. Not sure if you've ever seen a cervix on an ultrasound but it's hard to tell what it what. All I could tell was that there was a lot of black which meant it was open more than normal. And I could see the 2 white dots which are my Cerclage. And the black was opening up to that stitch. So not being told anything she makes me lay down and wait so she can talk to the nurse. She comes back in and hands me 'the envelope' and tells me to head to the hospital. NO!!! I think I jinxed myself by saying I wanted to be home for Halloween. Well not now!

So we get to the hospital still not knowing anything. My favorite nurse is there and she helps me to my room. The same one I originally started in. I ask her if she knew what was going on and she said she hasn't got report yet. So by this point I'm a little nervous.

She finally got report and said that my cervix is funneling down to where the Cerclage is and that my cervix is measuring 10mm. Which I know isn't good. They were concerned whether or not I was having contractions. Told her I didn't feel good the last 2 days and was cramping but I wasn't sure if it was contractions or not. So she hooks me up to the monitors. No contractions. And Levi is kicking away as usual. He hates that thing! I asked her if she knew if I would deliver soon or if I should be concerned. She said no, that I was worse off the first time I ever came in. Now the Cerclage is at least holding me shut and I'm not contracting which is good. They took me off the Indocin last go around because it made the fluid in the sac low. So they put me on Procardia which is the same just doesn't effect the fluid. But now they have me on both of them. Not really sure why?! I know the Indocin effects his kidneys but they said they don't give it past 32 weeks so if he does come early his kidneys will be producing urine, which is what they want.

So I have no IV's or anything this time. Yay! Just laying here and being monitored. They kept asking me are you sure your on bed rest when your at home. Uhh Duh! No I go run around the block a few times. The only difference at home is I walk further to the bathroom. I'm sure they'll probably end up keeping me since every time I go home my cervix gets worse.

I believe the doctor is suppose to come around today so I guess I'll find out more then. Until then I guess I'll lay here and be bored to death. Bed rest is killing me! And I can't wait for this to be over. I will never complain about pain or being bored ever again, I swear!

Blake and I at least got to carve a pumpkin during the little time I was home. We were going to paint my belly like a pumpkin, which we never got around to doing. We may still do it but who knows!
Have a Happy Halloween Weekend and have some fun for me!

P.S. My little brother is getting married Monday and I can't go :(

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