Friday, May 17, 2013

This past Tuesday we ended up taking Levi to the ER. The Friday before his grandpa watched him and when we picked him up that night he was congested and sounded awful.

My mom was watching him Tuesday night and said he just didn't wanna do anything. He was cranky and every time he would fall asleep he would wake up. And that his breathing didn't look good.

So instead of waiting until the next morning we just headed to the ER. They said he still had a double ear infection in his middle ear. And a virus hence the hacking cough and fever. He had just had an ear infection 2 weeks prior so apparently it never went away.

They gave him a stronger antibiotic and albuterol for his cough. He is soooo much better now! Last night was the first night he slept all the way through since Friday. Thank god cuz this momma was tired!

He looked so pitiful :(

He loves drawing now. He has a pen mark in this picture above his eyebrow.

Yesterday he was playing with his sidewalk chalk. I noticed he had a blue mouth and he actually took a bite out of it! He is such a mess.

He is still talking like crazy. You can tell him a word or sentence and he repeats it. Last night my mom said See Ya Later! He repeated it and kept saying it.

If you ask him where his eye is, he shows you. Same with hair, mouth, nose, and ears.

I was also sitting on the couch earlier and he was trying to climb and he said Up!

If you give him a snack and he wants more he is still making the Hmm noise. I think it's cute. If he is in his car seat I can hear him doing it so I know what he wants with out even having to look.

And the biggest thing is he is finally showing interest in walking! Normally if you hold his hands to walk he would sit down and fuss. Now he laughs and smiles. He loves climbing. He goes out the door and makes an Ughh sound when he gets down.

Today is my nephews second birthday. His party is on Sunday!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is my second Mother's Day. Time is flying by! Levi and Daddy got me a 90 minute massage with a foot rub. Plus I went shopping and on my next day off I'm getting a new fancy purse!

We went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant that had a Hibachi grill. It was Levi and Blake's first time!
Levi loves rice! He could eat a whole entire bowl himself. He also liked the ginger dressing they put on the salad. I thought he may get scared from the banging they do and the flames but he loved it.

Poor little boy went to pepaws the other day and came back with either a cold or allergies. Needless to say we haven't been getting very much sleep!

Tomorrow is his second day in daycare. This week he is going Monday and Tuesday. Can't wait to see his face when I pick him up. It is literally the cutest thing ever!

He is also turning into such a big boy. He can point and make a hmm sound when he wants his food. And he makes it known if he wants his drink or another bite. He also loves sitting on the couch to watch tv. He is really into his cartoons lately. Esp Henry Hugglemonster. Blake taught him how to go backwards down the stairs and how to put his feet down first to get off the couch.

Next Sunday is my nephews 2nd birthday party!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

First day of daycare!

Yesterday was Levi's first day of daycare. He only goes on Mondays for now. I always said I would never do daycare but since my family doesn't live near me it got kind of hard finding someone to watch him here and there. Plus he is never around any other kids and he loves playing.

All ready for daycare...

We walked in to pick him up and he was standing there next to a little girl. It was so cute! The first day we went to check it out there was a little boy named TJ that he played with but he wasn't there yesterday. There are probably like 6-10 kids in his age group.

Since he has been sick he hasn't been sleeping well. They must have wore him out playing because he slept great last night! Now he is getting a runny nose but I think it has to do with teething still.

After daycare...

He came home and cuddled on the couch with daddy for a long time watching cartoons.

Daycare was a success! 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Levi had his 2nd ear infection this week. I'm thinking it's from teething. He has molars that have already come in. I believe he has almost 5 teeth on the bottom and like 6 teeth on top. Ear infections are not fun at all! He gets super cranky and the last few days have not been very fun.

I was trying to fix dinner the other night when this happened...
I'm sure it won't be the last!

It's crazy how much he has grown and learned lately. He is still slow on the walking but he starts at a learning center "daycare" tomorrow for just one day a week. He is never around any kids so he is going to love it! The lady there told me one of the boys wasn't even trying to walk at 14 months and with in a month he was. The other day I had him walking and he stood by himself for a long time. Baby steps. Walking is the one thing he won't do!

A few days ago I was driving and I could hear him clapping from the back seat. He looks at you and claps which means he wants you to sing patty cake. He claps the whole time and even says Roll it. So funny! And puts his hands in the air when you say Yay! at the end lol

He knows how to climb onto the couch and daddy has taught him how to get off the couch the right way. So he does that too.

He stays constipated. His favorite thing to eat is cheese tho. We've tried cutting out any dairy. I switched him to sweet acidophilus milk and in the mornings he has chocolate almond milk. Hoping that helps some.

He's starting to draw too!
 He gets into everything! He's like a little tornado!