Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year I am thankful to all of the doctors that have helped save my little baby boy! And I'm so thankful that I got the chance to be a mother finally! Since I had my doctors appointment today we decided to have our Thanksgiving on Tuesday in case they put me back in the hospital. We ate until we were stuffed. Blake and I laid in bed the rest of the day. And I want to say thank you to him for being the woman and cooking everything this year. Love you! This is what we had...

Yum! So I got called in for an earlier appointment today. I think they're trying to get out of the office early. I went in at 11am. And to our surprise everything is still normal! So I'm at home for at least another week! Kinda bummed since we already cooked but we have plenty of left overs so at least we won't have to. Blake smoked the turkey on his smoker outside. It makes it taste really good. Everyone loved it last year.

Today I am 30 weeks and 5 days. It just amazes me that I've made it this far. I've seen doctors the entire time obviously but I haven't been back to my original doctor since all of this happened at 23 weeks. And I honestly haven't been able to go and see her #1 because it still kinda scares me because she could have caught this. I try not to blame her because I know she can't help what the human body does but she could have at least caught it sooner. And #2 because I've been on bed rest and figured since I was seeing a doctor in the hospital and weekly since I've been home. But I still need to have the glucose test done and I really just need to check up with her since she still is my ob doctor. Plus I have a lot of questions for her. Like if I do go into labor when they take out the cerclages will she be the one delivering or will the other doctors since it isn't her hospital. It's all so confusing. Still waiting for them to call back but I've learned they aren't very good at it until you keep bugging them. 

Not to mention I'm so sick of dealing with the medicine I'm on. I mean if a doctor writes a prescription they should fill it. I'm on 2 different types for preterm labor. I ran out of Procardia the other day and I honestly think that is the one that has helped me get this far along. So Blake went to get it filled because they said they had it. Come to find out my insurance won't pay for it twice a day. Even though they did the first time. So we had to pay $12 for 4 pills which lasted me until this morning. Makes no sense! So while at the doctors office we had to sit and wait will she called my insurance to get it approved. They wanted to know in detail why I was on it and what it was for and the typical well should she really be on it question. It's not like it's a narcotic people! I'm not dead yet and it's just a blood pressure medicine so what is the big deal! Since the doctors office was closing in a few hours and would be closed all weekend due to the holiday. She pretty much put pressure on them and told them, Look if you don't fill this she could go into labor this weekend. She still had to wait for the answer and would call us at home. They finally got the approval to fill it. Thank god. But why was that so difficult?! This has been like the theme of my entire pregnancy. And I'm glad it's almost over!

We also got the cutest pictures of Levi's face today. She put it on a cd this time tho and I have one of those tiny laptops that doesn't have a cd drive. And Blake's computer charger broke so hopefully I can make it work to load the pictures sometime soon. 

I'm bummed that I can't get maternity pictures because I'm on bed rest and since I'm not working we don't exactly have the extra money for it. Hopefully we can at least do some ourselves before he comes. We took some pictures this morning by the tree....

Don't I look a hot mess. I ask Blake everyday if I really look that big. He says yes but I really don't feel it. I guess maybe because I'm laying down all the time. That's all for now.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

<3 Christine, Blake and baby Levi :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rant of the Day

I've had a lot of people say rude things I guess I could say because I state that I may have my son early. It's not by choice! You clearly don't understand my situation if you have the nerve to say Uhh you know you're suppose to carry to full term right?! Does it look like I have a choice? I almost lost my baby at 23 weeks. Give me a break. I'm lucky to have made it as far as I have. I get my cerclages taken out at 34 weeks not by choice but because medically they have to. I have an extremely short cervix and if I do get pregnant again I have to get a stitch put in my abdomen if that tells you anything. So yes more than likely when they take the cerclages out it probably won't be long after until he comes. I don't think anyone would choose to have a premature baby. So if you have something negative to say please keep it to your self because I'm so sick of hearing it. That's all!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Everything was still normal and the same as last week. So I'm still at home. Yay! I go back again next Wednesday. It's the day before Thanksgiving which makes me kind of nervous because I don't want to spend another holiday in the hospital. So keep your fingers crossed! Blake's brothers girlfriend is 27 weeks pregnant with twins and is currently in the hospital because she has pneumonia. So cross your fingers everything turns out okay with her and the babies.

 I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow! Hard to think that in 4 weeks I'll get my cerclages taken out and that he could possibly come. I don't know how I will ever walk again. Not even kidding! I get out of breath and my legs feel like they forgot what to do. Even sitting on something hard makes my bottom hurt! I'm not sure when he will come but I've read stories of women that have had cerclages for their first pregnancy and after they got theirs out as soon as they stood up their water broke. I have a feeling that may happen just because my cervix is soooo short and doesn't know what to do. Can you say nervous?! Hopefully tomorrow I can get a belly picture. I was really wanting maternity pictures but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. :( Kinda bummed!


Monday, November 14, 2011


I finished the other 2 books that I posted about not to long ago. They were both Halloween. Now I am moving on to another...
Turkey Day Murder! I'm sure I will have this done before Thanksgiving and then I will be reading the Christmas books in this series. Not to exciting but what else do I have to do!

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veterans Day! Especially to Blake. I love you! And today I am 29 weeks! Yay! It's getting closer!

Have A Good Weekend!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss...

This post has nothing to do with what I would normally post on here. But as a soon to be parent I feel like it's my right to speak my mind about the whole Penn State incident involving children. I've tried to speak my mind but every time I say something I get smacked with how ignorant I am and that I don't know the facts. No I didn't go to Penn State or go to a 4 year college or get a 'proper' education as some would call it after high school. But before you judge me you should also get your facts straight because you know nothing about me! I chose to be a Cosmetologist because it's something that I like to do. So for any human to sit and degrade someone for the career path that they chose and to call them ignorant and trash because of it is a very shallow person. There are plenty of people in this world who have degrees and spent plenty of money on college who can't even get a job and work at a burger joint. And there's also plenty of people who haven't gone to college not because they didn't want to but because they either couldn't afford it or what ever other reason. Did you ever think of that before you ran your mouth?! Your comments about being ignorant because of a lack of education makes you that much more ignorant. And I hope you can sleep at night knowing that. You are no better than anyone else!

On that note....I've tried to explain my feelings but I apparently can't get them across. The point of this whole matter is about the children involved. Not the coach. Not the school. And not the students. They plan on holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow yet earlier on the news all of the students were there chanting 'We Are Penn State'. Give me a break. This isn't about any of you! To turn a blind eye on a serious matter who ever it may be makes you just as much involved as the person who committed the crime. I fully get supporting your school but with in that school you are also supporting the people who did this. And these people say they have morals! I say good luck with that!

I saw this article just a minute ago that explains exactly how I feel. Some people will disagree but I hope that the people that are ignorant to the situation read it and that maybe it will be a wake up call for them. Because if you are a parent, You of ALL people should understand! Here's the link!


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Finally some good news!

We went to the doctor today! She said my fluid is normal and my cervix is long. She didn't exactly say how long but I'm starting to get the hang of reading the ultrasounds. My doctors office is fancy and instead of having to look at her monitor they have it on a tv on the wall. Much easier to look at! So I could tell that it was still closed and not funneling! Yay! And they went ahead and measured him and he weighs 3 pounds and 1 ounce. Woohoo! He's a little growing machine in there. I could tell he is getting bigger by the way he moves. Exciting day! We go back to the doctor again on Wednesday. And I got a phone call from someone that I work with letting me know that they're having a baby shower for me and my manager who is due 9 days after me with a little boy. At least I have something to look forward to! Hopefully I won't be in the hospital so I can go.

Now back to watching the CMA Awards! Have a good night!


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Home again...

I got to go home on Sunday. My cervix was measuring at 40mm and I was told there was no reason that she could keep me there. I got the lecture again of how I need to be doing bed rest at home. I am! The only thing that is any different is my bed and the couch. My bed is up higher and super soft compared to hospital beds and sometimes I struggle to get up. And my couch is a lot lower than a hospital bed so I also struggle getting up. Other than that and showering and using the bathroom I lay here bored to death! I go to the doctor again tomorrow and if I get lectured I'm really gonna be annoyed! I try drinking as much water as I can but I don't always manage to do so. Not sure if that would do harm or not. And she also changed my medicine around again. My mom went to pick it up for me and the pharmacist said that my insurance won't pay for me to take Procardia twice a day so they still filled it but I only have enough for 2 weeks now.

I go to the doctor tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me that my cervix stays normal and that they can fix my medicine again! I don't think it will be long before I go back to the hospital. If it isn't for everything else going on it will be because of the Indocin making my fluid low. Can I just have a shot and knock me out for 2 months because this is really starting to get to me! And Levi is stretching and kicking a lot lately! It hurts sometimes.

Until tomorrows update....


Friday, November 04, 2011

It seems like a dream....

We made it to 7 months! Yay! It still hasn't hit me and sounds really odd for me to say, "My little boy." I never thought the day would come when I could say that. :)  And since I all I do is lay down I don't really notice how big my belly is getting. Words can't even describe what it feels like to be pregnant and have a little baby in your belly kicking you. It's almost just unreal!

<3 Christine

Update for the day!

I had my ultrasound again this morning. The doctor just came in and said that my cervix is now 40mm. Which is super good but I'm confused on how it goes that high at the hospital when I do the exact same thing here as I do at home. They switched my Procardia medicine to the extended release today. That's the only reason they are keeping my until Sunday and repeating the ultrasound. She said if my cervix is 40mm there is no reason they need to keep me here. Ok? But I'm still on the Indocin which makes the fluid low and hence the reason I had to come back last time. I asked her that and she said they would just check Sunday and see. I'm so ready for all of this to be done! I just want to sleep more than 4 hours at a time without being woke up! At least when he is here it will be worth it and I'd gladly wake up to take care of him. Right now it's just frustrating! I don't want to jinx myself but I can almost guarantee within 2 weeks I'll be right back in the hospital. If it isn't because of my cervix it will be because of the fluid or something else. Is this roller coaster ride over yet???

The only think that isn't making me lose my mind is having people visit me, tv, my computer and reading. I finished the last book I posted and I reserved the rest of the books that she writes from the library last week. My mom brought them to me the other day and this is the book I'm reading now ( I'm a fast reader so I should be done with it tonight)....
I started with the Christmas Cookie Murder because I didn't know she had other books and that's just the book my mom picked. So I figured I would start reading them by the current holidays. After this I am reading.....
Which I will probably be done with this weekend. Being in the hospital on a weekend is super boring. The only thing on tv is football. Which I love watching but after 2 days of it I get bored! And I should be having visitors tomorrow! So we shall see!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Is it time yet?!

Since I came in on Friday I got moved to the biggest room they have since I was told I would be here for 7 more weeks. Well....Monday morning I had an ultrasound and my cervix was measuring at 22mm. It went up from 10mm. Dr. M came in and pretty much said that I could go home. I was slightly confused because Dr. L told me I would stay here until I was 34 weeks. I've been asked literally a million times what I do different at home that makes my cervix shrink. I don't do anything! Blake and my mom are there pretty much all day so its not like I have to get up to get anything. Thankfully they are willing to help me how ever they can. The only difference is that I get up in the morning and lay on the couch and the bathroom is a little bit further away. And the only other thing is the medicine. They took me off of Indocin because it made my fluid low. And my insurance wouldn't pay for the regular Procardia that I'm suppose to take every 6 hours. So they put me on the extended release that I only take once a day.

Since I've been back in the hospital they put me back on the Procardia that I take 4 times a day plus I'm also on Indocin again. So confusing! I told Dr. M I didn't want to be sent home to just have to come back in a week. She said she'd let me think about what I want to do and they would just repeat the ultrasound on Wednesday, which is today. The ultrasound lady came in this morning and said the shortest she measured was  20mm and she didn't say what the longest was. They take a bunch of different measurements so I guess it's up to the doctor once she looks at it to what the length actually is. Dr. M came in a little bit ago and she said it was no longer funneling and it was measuring 36mm. She told me the reason Dr. L said I would be staying here until 34 weeks is because normally once your cervix goes down to less than 15mm at this far along it doesn't go back up. And for some reason mine is. So again she asked what I am doing different. Can I just tell you how annoying that is to be asked that?! Trust me I hate bed rest and miss doing normal things but I know I can't! This time she didn't ask what I wanted to do. She just said they would repeat the ultrasound on Friday and go from there. Since I can't take the normal 4 a day Procardia at home she's going to put me on the extended release twice a day while I'm still here and monitor me and see if that helps or not.

Of course I would love to go home but already being told I'd be here until I'm 34 weeks is kind of stuck in my head. And whether my cervix shrinks or not they have me on Indocin again which reduces the fluid. So either way I'd be back here in no time. It's just aggravating! I don't mind being here because if I'm at home I'd be doing the same thing. Except it's just easier at home obviously. And the only thing I hate is how I can't ever sleep for a solid period of time. I get medicine at midnight and then at 5am they wake me up to put me on the doppler. And at home my lovely neighbor upstairs wakes me up at 6:30. So either way sleeping sucks!

That's the news for the week. Other than that there really isn't much going on. Just a lot of boredom! Thank god for library's! I got online and put a bunch of books on hold so my mom is bring them to me today. I'll do a book update of what I read next. Not that it's exciting or anything but I'm bored so what the heck!

Blake and I also attempted to make a mixture to paint my belly a pumpkin for Halloween. It didn't work so well! Ha! I didn't want to use regular paint because I didn't know if it would harm Levi but I'm thinking that I might have to because nothing else was working. It's past Halloween now but I really want a picture of it so we're still going to do it when we can. I was bored on Halloween and made my own costume with what I had. Blake was laughing at me! Here is what I did....
A pregnant ghost! Haha! And Blake's brother thought it was him not me. Even funnier! My little brother also got married on Halloween. I couldn't go obviously but at least I got to see pictures. Here they are with my 2 nephews....
The little one is 4 months old and looks just like his dad with a bald head! Haha! Speaking of that, the ultrasound lady told me that Levi is already growing hair on his head! Yay! I always wanted a baby that came out with a lot of hair. And if the heart burn thing is true he should have a lot because I have been dying from it! Blake was platinum blonde when he was a little boy and he has bright blue eyes. Hopefully he takes after him because that would be so cute!

Here's a picture of Levi from this morning. He looks like an alien to me! I can't wait until next Friday because that's when they should measure Levi again. I just want to know how much he is growing! He was 1 pound 13 ounces last time. And my belly is stretching like no other now! No stretch marks yet thank god! Now that I say that they will pop up tonight. Just watch!
Happy Hump Day!