Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So...I noticed with in the last week that Levi has been extra fussy. And at times he feels hot like he has a temperature except he doesn't. And the last 2 days I noticed he started drooling. I just figured he was fighting trying to sleep or just growing. Today he started putting his hand in a fist and sucking on it which I thought was weird. So I looked at his gums and sure enough he has an outline of a tooth that is white on the top. And if you feel his gums they're sharp like a tooth is coming through. 

I asked family and friends and was told by my sister in law that it's possible for babies to actually be born with teeth. So I googled it and that's what I found. I thought babies didn't teeth until much older. Little man must have super growth powers or something! lol

We should be home Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Since Blake got called on a job at the last minute. Lovely! Levi has a doctors appointment this week so I have a ton of questions to ask and hopefully he can tell me what to do about this situation because I'm about to go bonkers! If I never heard a baby cry again the rest of my life I would be A-Okay!

Daddy and Baby watching Tv <3

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 2 Months!

Today my little boy is 2 months old! Crazy!

Ain't he a little chunker!  He looks soooo much bigger than last months picture.

You can click on the Baby Levi tab to see his month by month photos.

We leave in the morning to come back to Tennessee. I'm so glad! This has been the most boring 3 weeks of my life. Probably even worse than bed rest! No joke! I got my quilt started yesterday. It's gonna be cute! After mine I'm making Blake a manly one and then I'm gonna start on one for Levi and maybe make some new bedding for him. Something cuter than what he has.

That's all I got!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Thank god for these...
...and I'm glad I own like 5 of them!

Levi for some reason has a hard time burping lately. I'll put him on my shoulder, over my leg, sitting up and sometimes he just won't burp. Which is when he eventually spits up. Sometimes he'll start crying and it comes out his nose :(

Well yesterday he had an incident where he started crying and I thought he was gonna spit up so I started burping him. Since he's been congested lately I guess he couldn't get it to come out of his nose so it got clogged. Soooooo glad I had this thing or I don't know what I would have done. I've been using the saline spray on him and it's helped some. We go to the doctor next week. Thank god because I have a million questions!

Being a first time mom is stressful and it's so hard to learn as you go! But I wouldn't change it for the world. There's nothing better than looking at the beautiful baby you created!

 Laying in my lap
 His poor little crying face
Pretty baby!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of many hobbies...

I got a new toy yesterday!

One of my many hobbies is sewing! My mom owns 2 sewing machines so I normally just use hers. But being in Oklahoma for a week now and 2 more weeks to go until we head back to good ole' Nashville, I'm extra bored and have a lot of time on my hands. I've sewn a lot of things and most recently I did some bibs and burp clothes for Levi. But after reading HelloMissChelea's blog like a book the last few days...I have decided I'm going to attempt to make a quilt! Not sure how or if it will turn out by I'm gonna try!

I know tons of pregos right now so if I can figure it out they may just become gifts!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes...I'm a paranoid mom!

I think I just need to realize that I'm going to be paranoid for the rest of my life and it started with my pregnancy. As if that wasn't enough stress now he's out of my belly and there's a whole different set of worries. 

For one I watch wayyyy to much tv esp the news! I've seen a few stories where moms get killed because someone wants their baby. I refuse to go on a walk alone anywhere with him for that reason. And I believe every mom should have a gun in the house. There was another story not to long ago about the mom that was alone with her son and 2 men tried breaking in and she shot and killed one of em.  I would have done the same exact thing! And being alone now while Blake is away you bet your ass his gun is in the night stand right next to me! This world is full of  way to many crazy people! 

Back to my original post....

On Tuesday at midnight Levi was still awake and extra fussy which he never is. So I felt his little forehead and he felt hot. I got the thermometer out and took a rectal temp and it was 100.1. I freaked out! I'm pretty sure with rectal temps you're suppose to subtract a degree for whatever reason ( I didn't know). All I saw was 100.1 and thought omg my baby is sick. I couldn't get a hold of Blake since he's 2 hours away on a job. I tried messaging my family and got no answer because they're asleep obviously. And because I never got a manual when he was born I turned to google who apparently knows everything! And of course the answers on there freaked me out even more. Not to mention I'm in Oklahoma where I know no one! And this little town shuts down at like 9pm! And....to put an even bigger cherry on top...I don't have a cell phone! Yes I know it's 2012 but I like saving money. But you better your ass I'm gonna go get one tomorrow because of this event! So I'm in tears and I finalllllllly get a hold of Blake via the hotel phone and I'm sure I freaked him out so he got the first ride back that he could.

When I took his temp he was fussy so I waited until he calmed down and did it again and it went down to 99.6 which is I guess normal. And thankfully a friend was on Facebook so she talked to me about it. He finally went to sleep and I'm keeping an eye on him and rechecking it. If it goes any higher I'm taking him to the hospital asap!

And that was my first panic attack. I'm sure there will be a million more to come!
There's a few blogs I check religiously and this is one of them! And I happen to have gone to school with her hubs. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • This is my first So What Wednesday!
  • I just learned recently that you are suppose to add a can of water to Campbell's soups (chicken noodle). I guess that's what I get for not reading directions! I prefer my way thank you!
  • I threw out a whole bottle of Hunts ketchup today because that junk is disgusting!
  • I think Glee is the corniest show ever!
  • I no longer have to buy girl scout cookies because Keebler makes their own version that tastes the same. Thank you Keebler for Thin Mints and Samoas!
  • I can't stand coconut but yet I'll eat a Samoa and on that same note I can't stand plain cold tomatoes period but I'll eat salsa or other stuff that has them in it. Even fried green tomatoes. Weird I know!
  • Tomorrow I'm going to buy a sewing machine and sew my heart out!
  • I'm newer to blogging and it took me a minute to figure out how the heck to get that cute picture to be at the top. Durr!
  • My son is 6 weeks old and everything has me paranoid! They need to give you a manual when you leave the hospital!
  • I laugh when I see a young pregnant woman because I know the torture she's about to endure!
  • I will be the first person to tell someone off! I use to be super duper shy. Not sure what happened! lol
  • Being a stay at home mom is a lot harder than I thought! I don't see how working moms do it. I'm tired!
  • I have been drunk once in my 26 1/2 years on this earth. My liver thanks me!

I could go on and on but I think I'll stop there before I prolong boring anyone! lol

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Blake is still out in the field working so me and Levi got to spend it alone :( Hopefully he'll be back on Saturday so we can go to dinner because on Friday we will be together 3 years!

Funny story. Our actual first real date was on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. Myself, Blake, his sister and her bf at the time and then another couple all went to dinner. We didn't make reservations anywhere so we ended up at a mexican restaurant. Which is Blake's favorite. And I personally didn't care. I ordered a margarita and ended up giving it to Blake. Yuck! I don't see how people drink those! And then after dinner we ended up at a tattoo shop where I ended up getting a tattoo on my arm. And Blake's sister got a tattoo also. The place we went to closed shortly after because people kept getting them confused with a shop down the street that was awful. (I got my first tattoo there so I know from experience!) Which makes me sad because the guy I had was amazing. It never scabbed and for cursive letters it's perfect. The intern that worked there actual free handed it. I told him I didn't jail looking letters on my arm.

It probably makes me look like I'd be rough around the edges but I'm not at all! I just love tattoos! Blake has a solid piece on his arm along with 2 other tattoos. Being a hairstylist I've had a million and one people ask my why the heck did you get that and why there? How annoying right?! I want so bad to say something rude back but of course never could. I originally wanted to get it in Latin but decided not to because I never took Latin and I know nothing about the language so I stuck with plain ole' English. And I got it there because I saw a picture of Pink the singer and loved hers in that spot. Plus...Looking at my arm I can't see it so it doesn't bother me. I'm a little ocd about things and that probably would drive me nuts because it would make my arms uneven. Weird huh?! lol 

So that's our first date story. We actually didn't date long before he moved in with me and we've been together ever since. And I can say it's the best relationship I've ever had. We have our disagreements on minor things. But I can honestly say we don't fight ever! I read arguments between couples on Facebook all of the time and I'm just like thank you Jesus we don't have that problem. I don't ever picture my life without him! And he's the best dad ever!

And we made this cute little booger who is currently being a fussy butt because he's trying so hard to stay awake! Poor little boy has an old man hairline lol

That's our love story!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Levi's First Snow!

Last night it started snowing! There's nothing to do in this town and Blake is at a job for a few days...and found out he may have to go out on another after this job. 100+ hour work week...Yes please! Anyway...It started snowing when it got dark out. I was watching the Grammy's and they kept interrupting. The curtains were closed so I was like wth are they talking about. So I look out the door and see this...

This was when it first started but we ended up getting at least 3 inches if not more. I ventured out today and surprisingly they plow the roads here! Shocker! People in Tennessee are clueless about how to clear roads apparently because it's always a mess! And last I looked out most of it was melted. 

To bad little man is so small or we would have gone out to play! I saw some boys today walking around with sleds. Oh to be young again! 

They said it should be in the high 50s at the end of the week. Thank god! This cold stuff has got to go!

Ain't he cute! He's getting so chunky! And he looks like an old man going bald on the top! hahaha

Have a Good Monday!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ketchup and Sadness...

This is probably the weirdest blog post I will ever do but...I was just making breakfast and thought I would share. So when we got into Oklahoma we obviously needed to get some groceries. Our hotel room doesn't have a kitchen but we do have a fridge, microwave and coffee pot. We brought a little electric skillet and a george foreman with us. Surprisingly other than not having an oven we've been able to manage. I almost feel like I'm camping! lol

And now I'll get to the post. Battle of the ketchup's! 


I love me some ketchup! I don't know about you but there is a HUGE difference in taste between Hunts and Heinz! While at the store I grabbed a bottle of Hunts. And let me just say it is disgusting!!! I don't even know what the heck is going on with the taste but it does not taste like any normal ketchup I've ever had. It's so bad I think I will actually throw it away! Gag!

I will forever be a Heinz girl!

Random no?! lol

On a sad note: Whitney Houston passed away yesterday. The Grammy Awards are on tonight. If they do a tribute to her I think I may just cry like a 2 year old. I mean I know people have to pass away at some point but she was only 48! I saw the post when I got on facebook yesterday and thought it was a joke. You know people like to start rumors. But sadly it isn't. I was watching the news this morning and they said she was found dead in her hotel room. They tried to resuscitate her but she was already gone. They aren't sure how long she had been dead but they did say someone in the room upstairs heard 2 loud booms. First off if the person above your hears something that must have been pretty loud. They're saying they think the booms may have been someone kicking in the bathroom door. I do believe that's where they say she was found. I'm pretty sure everyone has a suspicion as to what killed her. She was one of my first favorite singers and it is soooo sad!

This is my favorite song of hers and she will be missed!


Sad day :(

Friday, February 10, 2012


We made it to Oklahoma on Tuesday. I would like to say I'm excited about it but...it's pretty boring out here. The closest Walmart is 20 minutes away and the closest Target is over an hour. Around here there's a Kmart and that's pretty much the only store. There are 2 grocery stores but no Kroger or Publix. And there's food places. That's all! It's a really small town. Pretty sure you couldn't get lost if you tried.

We had chinese the other day for lunch and it was so good! There's also this place called Braums. It's a normal fast food place combined with like a Baskin Robins or something. And they also have a little grocery store inside. Odd! But they do have the best ice cream. Cookies and Cream is my favorite now!

Monday night we stayed in Little Rock. Levi was laying on the bed and discovered that he has legs! So now he kicks all the time!

Cutest thing ever! And he loves watching tv. He was watching wheel of fortune Monday night.

Blake has the weirdest job. His week started Tuesday at midnight yet he hasn't worked until today. But...he still gets paid no matter what. Fine with me! He actually got a call yesterday to come in at midnight but it started to snow so they changed it to 6am today. The only thing that sucks is he has no clue when he gets off. Depending on what they do it could be anywhere from 14 hours to days. And when they stay out for days they get paid for 24 hours a day. Nice! I like his job I just wish there was more to do out here because so far I'm not sure about moving here. And it's so cold! There's hardly any trees here and it's super flat so the wind is brutal! We actually had to go buy some warmer clothes yesterday.

My camera is in the car but when I can get to it I will post some rather boring pictures of around here. lol

Have a good weekend!

Monday, February 06, 2012


Yesterday was Blake's grandmas 83rd birthday party! So glad we went! This was the first time I actually got to meet everyone. His grandma has Alzheimer's and was so excited to see a little baby! She wanted to hold Levi the entire time. It was so cute!
 This was right when we walked in. That's Levi's great grandma.
 This is Blake's cousin and her boys.
 He was a little excited!

 Feeding time
 Go glad we will have this picture forever!
 Love this!
 One of his aunts on the left and an uncle on the right

Blake's cousins boys again

We barely made it home in time for the super bowl! We made Rotel and Chicken Soft Tacos. And I'm not much of a drinker but I had my first beer since I've been prego! Sam Adams is the only way to go!

So...Blake has had some issues with being paid from his work. It was his first check from them and they put in our address wrong so they mailed it to the wrong place! How frustrating! So after 10 days of waiting he finally got it today. Thank god! 

As I type this we are in the process of packing for Oklahoma. Not to move yet but to stay for a few weeks. It's a 12 hour drive so tonight we are staying in Little Rock and then heading to Oklahoma in the morning. It's probably not going to be to exciting but for me it will feel like a vacation. I'm tired of being locked up in this house!

Time to finish packing!

Have a good week!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Family Pictures!

We got our first family pictures done today! Levi was so good and stayed awake the entire time. We got a ton of shots. We ended up picking out 3 poses of him, 2 family ones and one of each of us and him. We also got 2 others and the cd with all of the pictures on it. My computer is one of those smaller laptops that doesn't have a cd drive and Blake's only works when it wants to. So...I can't load that pictures :( I could scan them in using the printer but that would take forever and I'm to impatient for that!

So....I took a picture of the pictures. The quality sucks but it will have to do for now! They turned out better than I thought!

 I love this one! He has his peace sign up again! lol

 The real picture isn't this bright

 Okay...You see how messed up looking my hair is...Why do they not fix that for you!
I love the bottom picture of us! Not sure why I didn't get it in a bigger one.

That's our first family pictures. Can't wait to do it again!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Family Pictures Outfit

I think I have finally found Levi's outfit for our pictures on Friday. Let's hope I don't change my mind a million times until then! We went everywhere today. It's so frustrating to find anything cute that isn't gigantic on him! I think we decided to wear jeans and a white shirt. Blake got a white button up and is going to wear a navy shirt under it. I got a navy tank top and have a white sweater to go over it. Hopefully we won't look like a hot mess! lol
He's getting so big! His hair is also getting lighter. And his eyes are grey with dark blue around the edges. I wonder if he'll be blue eyed and blonde haired like his daddy!

Good Night!

Sweet Summertime!

This winter has been crazy to say the least! Yesterday it was mid 60's where I live. Today it's raining but still in the 60's and tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny and 63! I can't wait for summer to be here!

With Blake's new job we'll actually be able to go and do things now! Where as before he worked nights and weekends. Worst schedule ever! Now we have one week off every single month to go and do what ever we want where ever we want!

When it comes to being tan in the summer I REFUSE to go to the tanning bed! I grew up tanning all the time and I love being tan but with in the last few years I've gotten white spots. Not to mention that it is so easy to get skin cancer. I do go to the pool and lay out in the natural sun but I will never ever go bake myself again in a tanning bed. Instead of tanning I use self tanner.

Since I've been prego and it's winter time I'm obviously a little pasty. My skin tans really easy in the summer and I can get super dark. Since we have pictures on Friday I busted out the self tanner that I use which is...
This is the lighter color and they also make a darker color...

This is by far the best self tanner I have used. I haven't tried a whole lot of different brands but this one just works for me. You know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it. That would relate to this! You can find this at Walmart and it's around $6-$7 a bottle.

I shower and exfoliate and then I let myself dry off completely and then I just rub this in like you would a lotion. It's brown in color. Just make sure you rub it in good on your elbows, knees, wrists and toes. I't doesn't leave any streaking! But if you don't rub it in really good on those areas you will notice! And def make sure you wash your hands. So far I have used it twice this week and I have a little bit of a tan. Once you rub it on you let it dry before putting your clothes on. And it takes about 2-3 hours for the color to show up. It def isn't instant. I do notice that it puts off the smell like you just went to a tanning bed which I find really odd but what ever!

I also have my favorite lotion for when laying out at the pool. This does not have any spf in it though which is the only negative but if you want a dark tan it's amazing!
I have a friend who was really tan in a picture last summer and I asked her what she used and that's how I found this! It's made in Hawaii and it actually has coffee in it. If you have an ULTA near you, they sell it. Other wise you can look it up online. When you put it on it instantly looks like it gives you a tan it's that dark. The first time you use it it recommends only laying out for an hour. And when they say that they mean business! You will fry like a lobster! They also make an indoor tanning lotion and an after sun lotion which I've never tried either of. I wanna say it's around $10 a bottle but if you go to ULTA they have sales sometimes and I think I actually got mine cheaper since I bought 2 bottles.

I can't wait for this summer! I've already looked into vacations. I would normally take a cruise but since little man is only 5 weeks old I don't wanna risk it. So we'll wait until next year for that. If you've never been on a cruise GO! You will have the best time ever! 

Oh summer....please hurry up! I've missed you!

Happy Tanning!