Friday, September 28, 2012

9 Months Old!

Levi is 9 months old!
He went to the doctor this morning and he now weights 21.5 pounds. He's 27.5 inches long. And has a huge  head obvi! lol His weight is in the 50th percentile, height is 25th percentile and his head is 90th percentile. He gets it from his daddy. His doctor said he looks fine and was actually surprised he's never had to come in except for his monthly check-ups. Little man is healthy as can be! Knock on wood!

I hear all the time how cute Levi is. Last night someone I work with said he's the cutest baby she's ever seen. And today even his doctor commented on how cute he is. We did good! lol

We were talking about his development with his doctor and told him how he's already started talking. We told him the words he's saying and he said that's the vocab of a 1 year old. Go Levi! He's not crawling on his arms and legs yet and he sits up but it isn't his favorite so he flings himself backwards. He said he's a little behind on that but he's not concerned. He doesn't 'crawl' but little man can sure get around! And he's fast. He can turn in circles on his belly and is a professional roller! 

I think Halloween is going to be his favorite holiday. He LOVES pumpkins! Either that or just the color orange. We have a pumpkin on the floor in the living room and no matter wear he is he gets over to it and plays with it.

French fry time at the park!

His first time on a playground

First time on a swing. He doesn't look to happy in this picture but he loved it!

Being a mom is the best thing in the entire world!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Table Food

Levi can now eat table food without gagging!

This morning he had pancakes...
Yesterday we went to lunch and he had some soup and bread sticks! 

He goes to the doctor on Friday. Can't wait to see how much he has grown!

Friday, September 14, 2012

First Word!

Mr. Levi is now 8 1/2 months. On Tuesday the 11th he officially said his first word. Dada! We thought a few  weeks ago we heard him say Hey...I say it to him all the time. My mom thought she heard him say dada last week but Blake officially heard it Tuesday. I'm sure you could tell he was super happy. I heard him say it when I got home and then that night he was playing in his crib and said Daddy! So now he's up to 3 words!

He's growing way to fast and it's so amazing when you see your own child do all of their firsts!

He also now points at things. I had him out on the patio and there was something on the table he was trying to get and he pointed at it!

He claps his feet together. He scoots and rolls from one side of the living room to the other. He sits in a high chair like a pro. Flirts with women and other baby girls! He's also shy and turns his head to the side and smiles. It's adorable! He can also stand up when you hold his hand. 

He's def teething but still has no teeth. Which means he's not to good at eating chunky food yet. I know another baby his age that has 4 teeth and is eating McDonalds!

He goes to the doctor on the 28th and I'm curious to know what he weighs and how tall he is!

He was on the blanket by Mickey

Yesterday at breakfast sitting in a high chair

 Standing up!

Little stinker!

Love him!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Gerber Baby

Vote For Me!
I entered Levi into the Gerber baby contest! Voting starts today and you can vote every day!

Vote Here!
Or if you can't find him go to the Gerber website and look up the contest and enter Levi and Nashville, TN.

Please and Thank you!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mr. Personality

I swear the last 2 days Levi has grown like a weed. He has also figured out how much he can move. He now sits up by himself, rolls all around, and even climbs out of things! 

Thursday night we went to the Titans game so my mom watched Levi. She was sitting there watching tv and hears a noise. She thought it was my dog so she looks and see's that Levi is no longer in his chair where she left him. This is how she found him...
He didn't cry or anything. He was just down there rolling around and playing! lol

Last night I was recording him sitting up when he did this...
Is that not hilarious. I die laughing every time I watch it!

He is so funny and has so much personality! He also got a big boy car seat to go in mommy and daddy's new car! He was getting way to heavy to carry around in the other one. And he loves it!

Other than my mom watching him he had his first time away from us. He went with my dad and step mom for a few hours. He laughed and played the entire time at their house. I'm so glad he had fun because I was worried he would just be fussy.

And the best part is now that he can climb that means he can no longer sleep in his rock and play sleeper so for the last 3 nights he has slept in his crib. And he sleeps the entire night without waking up once!

He's growing so fast!