Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progesterone and Steroids

My last go around in the hospital I never received the 2 steroid shots that helps improve babies lungs in case they are preterm babies. My doctor swore she thought I got them so.....last night I got my first one in my hip. Fun stuff! The nurse kept telling me it would hurt. Which it did burn and was sore for about 5 minutes. But to me the Mag going through my hand hurt way worse! It actually made me cry.

Tonight I get my second steroid shot. And Dr. M also came in earlier and said that starting tonight I would be getting Progesterone given vaginally. (That sounds like a load of fun!) She didn't really say why. Not sure if I'm not producing enough. All she said was it helps the cervix. Okay?!

And of course in the morning I will get another ultrasound which I'm sure I can already tell you the outcome. Stupid cervix!

Hopefully tonight I will finish Levi's baby blanket that I'm crocheting and I also found the cutest little crocheted outfit via pinterest that I just started. My mom taught me how to crochet years ago and I only knew how to do a granny square. Well playing around I came up with some other pattern which is close to a granny square but the holes are smaller. So that's the pattern I'm doing the blanket in. And today I was wanting to figure out an even tighter pattern, and I figured it out! It doesn't have any holes at all. It's pretty much just a repetitive chain stitch. Hopefully I can get that all figured out and done soon! But here is what I'm attempting to make. (Minus the pink bow of course!) I'm doing the tan one :)

I'll update again tomorrow after I hear the news about the ultrasound.

Happy Thursday!

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