Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/11 Ultrasound

It's official!....My cervix hates me! On Monday it was measuring at 19-20mm and today it is now 16mm. What the heck?! The good news is that my fluid level was at 5 (whatever that means) and it is now at 12 which I was told is normal. I can't win for losing I swear! My cervix is also funneling right down to where the Cerclage is. I asked her if it could come out, she said only if I start having contractions. And then they would do everything they could to stop them. Either restart me on the Indocin or start me on the Mag again. :( So they're going to repeat the ultrasound on Friday and go from there. Sounds like I'm more than likely going to be here until I deliver because my cervix has yet to cooperate. I'm just glad I'll be 26 weeks on Friday which I know is still early but he at least has a better chance then when I had originally found out all of this.

Oh and this bed is killing me! It's one of those delivery beds again. Ouch! I think might have broke a hip.

And Levi definitely already has his own personality. He hates the doppler or being poked. So when they put it on my belly he moves to the other side and kicks it really hard. Ha! I wish I was further along so he can come out and play already! And as of last night I can officially see him kicking from the outside. So weird!

Keep your fingers crossed!


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