Monday, December 31, 2012

Birthday party

This past Saturday we had Levi's 1st Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese. And I will just add...Never again! That place is a nightmare!

I didn't think he would want anything to do with his cake but he did!
Playing with a slinkie, which he stuck in his cake!

I'll post the rest of the pictures as soon as I upload them!

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Birthday!

Someone turned 1 yesterday!
We didn't do much on his actual birthday but Saturday (tomorrow) we are having his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!

He played in the morning and then I made him some eggs and biscuits for breakfast.

Since we just had Christmas I'm saving his birthday presents for Saturday. He def does not need anymore toys!

I made him a cake. I thought I had blue frosting for the writing so I made the cake red. When it should have been blue :( oh well
His cake for his birthday party tomorrow is Mickey Mouse! And he has a smash cake of course.

Levi had his one year check up today. He weights 22 pounds 6 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. His head was 19 something. His weight and head size is average but he's only in the 5th % for height. He also got 4 shots and they stuck his toe to check his hemoglobin. He cried for a minute but he's rolling around on the floor playing now.

He crawls like a champ. He can crawl on his hands and knees but he gets around faster doing the 'army' crawl so that's what he does most of the time. He sits up good and pulls himself up onto his knees when he grabs something. He can even pull himself to stand. He stands if he's holding onto something. He's not walking yet but we're working on it.

He chats up a storm. He can say Hey, Maggie (our dogs name), Kitty Cat, Momma, Dadda, Yeah, Well....I'm sure there's other words but I can't think of them right now.

He's still in size 4 diapers. He only gets a bottle at night now which sometimes he doesn't even need. We're switching him over to whole milk and he's doing good. I'm trying to get him off of baby food and only give it to him when we're in a pinch. Like yesterday he ate eggs and a biscuit for breakfast. Lunch he had beans and rice. And dinner I made a pb&j but he didn't really like the jelly so daddy fixed him some chicken nuggets. He loves mashed potatoes. Any kind of bread, nuggets, beans, rice, mac n cheese. Anything soft. Christmas dinner he actually ate ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus casserole, and a roll. The boy can eat!

We try not to give him a paci. During the day he doesn't use it. At night he uses it to fall asleep and then it falls out of his mouth. He still has 4 teeth and more are coming in.

He has a million toys. He loves his stacking cups and his hippo poppity popper. I had to put the balls that go with it in a bag since the cat loses them. But he takes his stacking cups or anything and puts it in there. He plays with that more than anything.

His cousin playing with his hippo popper

He got this for Christmas. He loves taking the eggs and sticking them in the cows mouth.
He loves playing with his walker too. He scoots it all around the house.

Here are some random Christmas pictures...
 Peek a boo
 He's hiding behind Mickey lol
 He wasn't a fan of opening presents
 He loved the much that he knocked it down the next day. So momma put all the Christmas stuff away already!
 Playing with his old toys after he just got new ones
 Levi and Brody with Uncle Robbie

Happy First Birthday Levi! I love you sooooo much and can't wait until your party tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This day last year...

This time last year I was in the hospital going into labor. I think at this exact moment they were sending me to a room and trying to stop my labor since it was still 5 weeks early. Little did they know at that moment 2 days later I would have my son.

From this little guy to....

this big healthy boy!
So Thankful!

We opened presents tonight and Levi is in heaven. And we still have his birthday to go! He needs a playroom asap!


Today is Christmas. Tlhis year has gone by so fast. And in 2 days I will have a 1 year old! Crazy!

Friday night we had Christmas at my dads house because they were going out of town. Levi opened his first present ever and he could have cared less! He played with the toys but wouldn't pull the paper off.

Last night we went to Blake's moms and stopped at his dads before then.
 Cousin Tanner
Cousin Chloe
Uncle Clark
Aunt Selena and cousin Chloe
Cousin Dylan and Uncle Clark
Uncle Brandon, Dylan and Clark

Today we are doing our Christmas in the morning and then around 5 my family is coming over. I'll have to post those pictures tomorrow.

Eating mexican. He loves rice and beans!

Playing under his crib

Playing with just some of his toys. He got the car on the left for Christmas. I'm afraid if he gets anymore presents from anyone else they might start to be duplicates!

Our tree. This is gonna be fun!

I did a lot of baking. This is just one of the cookies I made. Melting snowmen!

My handsome man that will not keep his socks on. 2 seconds in the car and they come off.

This is a Christmas present from his girlfriend Ella. She's only 3 months old and the prettiest little girl I have ever seen. No joke! I call her his future wife lol

Eating chicken nuggets. One of his favorite foods.

We're in the process of switching him over to whole milk. He isn't a fan so we're doing half formula half milk until he gets use to it. And he's eating a ton more solids. Hopefully soon he will just eat what we eat. He gets chocked up sometimes still so he's still getting some baby food.

His first birthday is on Thursday! Friday he has his one year check up and then his birthday party is on Saturday! I had no clue where to have it since we obviously can't do it outside so we will be going to Chuck E. Cheese! I got all Mickey Mouse stuff and a Mickey Mouse cake. I can't wait to give him his smash cake. I have a feeling he probably won't even touch it. He hates having anything sticky on his hands. And won't touch things if they feel wet.

I was hoping to get Christmas pictures done but it didn't work out. The last few weeks have been crazy!

Christmas morning! He has had 5 haircuts already!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Craft!

I've been wanting to do some of the cute Christmas crafts I've seen on pinterest. I pinned a ton of stuff last year and forgot all about it. I haven't been on pinterest in awhile but knew I could find what I wanted.

This is the original pin...

and this is ours...
I wasn't about to paint both feet so this will do! Probably wasn't the best idea to do this before nap time!

A few months ago I got a kit to mix up for a mold to do a hand print. So when I get time that is our next craft!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Haircuts and Christmas!

I gave Levi his 4th haircut tonight before bath time. So glad he doesn't scream, cry and move around like I see all the time at work. This is why I recommend that people don't wait until after their babies turn one for haircuts. Get them use to it so it doesn't scare them to death! 

I was planning on letting his hair grow longer for winter but he was looking a little shaggy so I just trimmed the edges and left the rest. The hair on his ears is what drives me nuts anyway.

I forgot to post about Thanksgiving. I did make a post and thought I posted it then realized it was never posted. Oh well! We didn't really do anything. We went to my dads the weekend before and then on Thanksgiving my mom, brother, his wife and kids came over. Then we went black friday shopping from 7pm-2am. We only went to 4 places and it wasn't bad at all. The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Blake's moms and only 2 of his brothers were there. And one of his brother couldn't make it but his girlfriend and their twin babies came. They're only 3 weeks younger than Levi and we finally got to meet them. They are gonna have so much fun together when they can actually start playing and talking.

The week before Thanksgiving we decided to go to the mall and see if Levi would like Santa. I brought his Christmas sweater with us just in case it went good. There was a 4 year old little girl looking at Santa scared to death when we walked up. Levi didn't get scared at all. He was just staring at him like what the heck are you wearing! lol So we changed him really quick and handed him over to Santa. He sat there just staring. Didn't smile or cry or do anything. Just stared. Went better than what I thought.
I took a picture of the picture so it isn't that great. I wish I would have gotten the other picture they took where they were looking at each other. He looks sad in this one lol But like I said at least he didn't cry so it was ok.

Levi's Christmas shopping is done! It's gonna be kinda hard since his birthday is 2 days after Christmas. He has sooo many toys already and he has tons more for Christmas. I think I may just get him one big thing for his birthday. My mom found this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Farm online and thought it was really cute. I had never even seen it before. But it was $80. I thought that was kind of expensive so I was going to wait and get it for his birthday. We went to Walmart the Sunday after black Friday and they had it on sale for $40! I was sooooo excited! We also bought him this...
...on Black Friday. It was suppose to be for Christmas but I couldn't wait. The darn cat already lost 2 of the balls. Levi laughs when the balls pop out of the hippo. And he likes holding the balls and trying to put them back in.

We also got him this for the car.

He has this movie...
...that he loves to watch. He loves car rides but if this is on he will just sit and watch it and not make a sound.

The reason we got the tvs is for the long drive we have on Thursday to NYC! I am super excited!

I'll post pictures of everything he got after Christmas. I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11 Months!

Levi is now 11 months old! One of his favorite toys at the moment is his Chuck truck. It talks and moves. I have searched everywhere for some of the other ones. And I finally found 2 of them that size on ebay! Ebay is the best!

He now has 4 teeth! 
The only good picture of his teeth I could get. He wasn't having it!
Teething has been a pain in the butt because they all came in at once. I use the Hyland's Teething tablets and tylenol at night so he can sleep. But it doesn't always work. He's still wearing size 4 diapers and he wears 12 month clothes. Most of the time he wears his Carter's sleepers to keep warm. And his favorite snack are these...
He could sit and eat an entire can of these!

Handsome man with his bed head. He needs another haircut. I was going to let it grow out but he has a double crown and I'm not sure that his hair will cooperate.

We put up our Christmas Tree a few weeks before Thanksgiving. So far he hasn't really messed with it. Right now it's over loaded with presents so he can barely even get to it.
There's still more to come!

My mom and I thought it would be really cute to get Levi and my 2 nephews matching pajamas for Christmas. We are doing our family get together on Christmas Eve. 
Aren't they cute!

On a side note...Momma finally got one of these bad boys...

And the first time ever using it I made this...
It is the best bread I have ever tasted!

I can't wait until Christmas! Little boy is soooo spoiled and has more toys then anyone I know.