Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11 Months!

Levi is now 11 months old! One of his favorite toys at the moment is his Chuck truck. It talks and moves. I have searched everywhere for some of the other ones. And I finally found 2 of them that size on ebay! Ebay is the best!

He now has 4 teeth! 
The only good picture of his teeth I could get. He wasn't having it!
Teething has been a pain in the butt because they all came in at once. I use the Hyland's Teething tablets and tylenol at night so he can sleep. But it doesn't always work. He's still wearing size 4 diapers and he wears 12 month clothes. Most of the time he wears his Carter's sleepers to keep warm. And his favorite snack are these...
He could sit and eat an entire can of these!

Handsome man with his bed head. He needs another haircut. I was going to let it grow out but he has a double crown and I'm not sure that his hair will cooperate.

We put up our Christmas Tree a few weeks before Thanksgiving. So far he hasn't really messed with it. Right now it's over loaded with presents so he can barely even get to it.
There's still more to come!

My mom and I thought it would be really cute to get Levi and my 2 nephews matching pajamas for Christmas. We are doing our family get together on Christmas Eve. 
Aren't they cute!

On a side note...Momma finally got one of these bad boys...

And the first time ever using it I made this...
It is the best bread I have ever tasted!

I can't wait until Christmas! Little boy is soooo spoiled and has more toys then anyone I know.