Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Photo Dump!

Mr. Levi is now almost 28 months! He talks soooo much. I can't even keep track of what he says but he's been talking in full sentences for awhile now. He knows every body part. He can count to 3 and will say other random numbers. He knows all of his animals and can make all of the noises. He's starting to learn his colors but his favorite is pink and green. He always tells me a pig is pink. And the cutest thing that he does now is says, Okay! I'll tell him to do something or wait for me and that is always his answer. It is the cutest thing ever! He never use to call me mommy but when I get home from work now he screams it and gives me a hug. The other day I left for work I told him I would be right back and then we could go outside. As soon as I got home he said your back! So cute and smart all ready.

Now for all of the pictures I have missed sharing...

We went to Atlanta for a fun weekend. We went to The Georgia Aquarium and to Ikea!

Random photos of the last few months...
 He fell asleep like this
 I always seem to take pictures of him sleeping. So cute!
 My dad got him this
 Always eating cheese balls
 His vacation hat
 Playing outside and taking the weeds for a ride
 His many faces
 He loves playing with Nana's glasses
 Blake's mom
 Sleepover with his cousin Brody
 Nap time for both
Eating lunch outside

Last week my mom, Levi and myself went to Cocoa Beach, Florida for the week. Levi had a blast!
 His 3rd time seeing the ocean! 

 He stayed in this pool all week. He loved it

 Right before he threw sand all over Nana

 Being silly
 He loved this rug

 He knows your suppose to wear a seat belt 

 He would try to run away from me and he would stand there saying bye bye and waving. Then blow a kiss to me.

 I loved our hotel room. Had a full kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom. And it was right on the beach!

He refused to eat dinner at the restaurant we went to. He carried around a bag of cheese puffs in the store until I would open them and then wanted pizza. Silly kid!

This month has been busy! Sunday is Easter. We'll be going to church and then to my brothers for lunch. Hopefully I can get Levi's easter bunny picture done asap. I'm sure it will not be cute! And then the end of the month we're moving into a house. The best part is Levi will have a yard! He loves being outside. It also has a big deck that is fenced so he can play all he wants. We're also going on another beach vacation in July! Daddy gets to go this time!