Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrift Shopping 101

One of the many things my mom and I love to do together is thrift! You wouldn't have caught me dead in a thrift store when I was younger. Now I find it fun. We like going to a certain Goodwill that is huge and has a variety of stuff and also seems like they put out new stuff everyday. So each time you go is like a treasure hunt! I don't buy nasty or trashy stuff by any means. Half of the time you can still find stuff that has the original tags on it. I know Target and a few other stores donate any sales items they don't sell or returns just for example.

If you have never been to a Goodwill I'll explain how it works. Each week they have a 'color' of the week. Like for instance this week it is orange. That means all week anything with an orange tag is half off the price on that tag. At my Goodwill if you go on Sundays or Wednesdays they have 99 cent days which makes the color of the week 99 cents. Imagine finding a high end item and only paying 99 cents for it! It happens! You just have to search and know what you are looking for.

I just wanted to share this because I know there are plenty of people who think thrift stores are nasty. And people who don't always have the money to buy clothes or buy designer things. So this makes it possible. You really can find nice stuff there, I swear!

So today I thought I'd share one of the many things I found. I mainly look for stuff that is like new and make sure there aren't any holes or stains. Or usually check the tag and see what designer it is and what it is made out of. On this particular day I happened to find a sweater that I thought would be cute for the fall/winter since I would need something stretchy and warm while being pregnant. And this is what I found...

Doesn't look that cute in pictures but it is! Or at least I think so. And it is super soft! I had never heard the name of this designer but I did check the tag to see what it was made out of because it was so soft. And guess what?!?!  It was Cashmere!!!! So when I got home I googled Eileen Fisher and sure enough she has her own page. You can check it out here. I was shocked to see the prices of here stuff! Her sweaters start at $198 and up. Are you kidding me?! I would never pay that much for one little sweater! Even if you check out her sale items there isn't anything less than $79. And how much did I pay for this you ask? A whooping 99 cents! Score! So if you aren't to ashamed and like treasure hunting check out your local thrift stores!

Happy Thursday!

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