Thursday, September 26, 2013

21 Months!

Mr. Levi will be 21 months tomorrow! Crazy to think I almost have a 2 year old. 

What Levi loves right now:
  • Any kind of balls. He's always loved them. He calls them ball balls and if it looks like a ball he still calls it a ball. He has a good arm! Not to mention he probably has like 50 balls laying around of all sizes.
  • Cars. He has a million trucks and cars. Just yesterday we got him a case for all of his match box cars. And it's almost full already. He lays on the ground and pushes them around. It's so cute!
  • Shoes! He loves wearing his shoes and playing with them. His feet are getting so big that his little sandals are almost too small :( Hope it starts getting cold because all he has is tennis shoes!
  • Dinosaurs! My mom found him this dinosaur at goodwill...
    It's Boris from Dinosaur Train. I had no clue what Dinosaur Train was or if it was even on tv still. But it is. It's on PBS in the mornings. For Christmas I'm going to try to get him the whole collection. They talk and if you push the button on his back his mouth opens. We've had plenty of fun chasing him and our dog with it! Thank god for Ebay because these things aren't cheap! This is normally $30 at a store. My mom only paid $2.99 for him. I ordered him the Stegosaurus already. And I am thinking about doing his second birthday in this theme!
  • Being outside! I try to go walking every day. It's about 1.5 miles to our park so I stick him in the stroller and we walk there. When we get home he cries because he loves being outside. He loves playing with other kids at the park and playing with the bells in the picture below. The second weekend in October we're going camping so he should be in heaven!
  • Suckers! He loves them. I got the little tiny tootsie pops to entertain him when we're some where and he's screaming his head off. Which happens regularly. If I take him outside or we go walking he loves being in his stroller. If we're in a restaurant or a store that's a different story. He wants down so he can run around. Not always the easiest thing when your trying to shop.
  • Meat! He will eat any kind of meat. Hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken. You name it. He's such a pig and not a picky eater at all. If it doesn't smell good tho he won't eat it. He smells everything before he puts it in his mouth. Silly kid! 
Things I love:
  • How much he talks already. Some stuff I don't understand but for the most part you can tell what he means. He loves handing you something and saying, Here you go! And then we say thank you and he says it back. And if he can't tell you something he points. Like if he's down stairs and wants to go upstairs. He'll keep pointing until you are where he wants.
  • How mobile he is. It's not always good in some cases but for the most part I'm just glad I don't have to carry his heavy self around all the time. He's good at running!
  • How loving he is. He's extra loving at night. When he gets sleepy he will grab our face and lay his head down on ours and say Aww. He loves to cuddle. I feel like he has to be touching me 24/7. If I'm watching tv he loves to sit in my lap. He'll go around giving everyone kisses or lays his head on them saying Aww. He's so sweet.
     He fell asleep watching cartoons like this
  • His fake crying. Not sure that I love it but it makes me laugh. He has the funniest pouting face. He'll walk over to you with his head down and a sad face. Sometimes he just does it on purpose to see what you'll do. And the fake crying is so pitiful. You can def tell it's fake!
  • How much he loves his momma! He is the most loving kid ever! He copies off of everything I do. I always sit on the bed with the pillow propped up behind me and we watch tv. The other day I come in the room and he's sitting leaning back against the pillow like I do. So cute! And this...

  • I use the wii fit as a scale. He drug it out from under the bed and was standing on it. Guess he's seen me do it quite often!     
Starting in 2 weeks I'll only be working Saturday and Sunday so I'll get to spend all week with him! I can't wait until he's a little older and can understand things more. I can't wait to take him and do big boy things!
Giving the pumpkin a drink
Game day!
He took over my side of the bed. Love him!
His new kitchen! He screamed when he saw his daddy caring it in!