Thursday, January 05, 2012

Update 1/5/12

Levi's bilirubin level keeps dropping! It started at 21 and went from 18 to 14 and now it's 9 something. Yay! And his bowel movements went from being that mustard yellow color to a brown/green color. They aren't really sure why because they said it should still be yellow since I breast feed but they're thinking it's all of the bilirubin coming out. They just said to keep an eye on it and I have to save every diaper to show them.

They gave us the option of whether we wanted to go home today and then just go to the pediatrician tomorrow and get his levels checked or to just stay at the hospital another night. I def decided to stay at the hospital another night. Around 7pm they turned the bili lights off! Yay! I can finally hold my baby again. He laid on my chest and we took a nap. They're leaving the lights off and rechecking his levels in the morning. Hopefully the jaundice will be gone. He looks so much better! When we left the hospital last time he was still yellow. That's why we never noticed any difference. This time I can def tell he has a normal skin color. He's still getting fed every 2 hours but I noticed he isn't wanting to eat as much which I wouldn't blame him. He has a small tummy and eating that much every 2 hours just seems like a lot. As long as he is eating something that's all I care about but I'm not going to try and force him to eat.

Hopefully his levels will stay down and we can go home in the morning! The pediatric unit is new in this hospital and I was told if it hadn't opened I would have had to go to the other local hospital. He's only the 8th baby to be here and I'm the first mom to actually pump and breast feed so I got the pleasure of working out the kinks for them and they got in trouble by the lactation department because they don't have a separate fridge for breast milk. They call me the milking queen because at 9 days after him being born I get a ton of milk. They brought me the Medela double electric pump which I used when he was born and it worked great. I only own the Medela manual pump which has also worked really well for me at home. Today I tried using the electric one again and it took forever and I barely got anything out! So I think I'll stick with the manual pump. Gives your arms a workout but I get a lot out in a short amount of time. Nothing more annoying than having to sit and pump for a long period of time every few hours.

There's only one other baby here besides Levi and she has RSV. Poor baby. So there's like 3 nurses to every patient. It can be annoying sometimes when you just want piece and quiet or when your trying to pump and all these people keep coming in. Can't wait to go home!

I forgot my camera at home or I would have taken a picture of him getting his tan on. He actually seemed like he liked being in there. Probably just because it's so warm. But he hated the sunglasses being on him. He screams bloody murder every time he gets his blood drawn but this last lady must have had magic fingers because he didn't even move.

That's all I have for an update so far. I'll post tomorrow if we get to go home!

~Christine & Levi

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