Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brain Fart

I've been having so many brain farts lately! What the heck! I can't blame it on prego brain anymore! So yesterday Levi was 4 weeks old. So I've been thinking all this time okay he's a month old now. Umm no! lol Duh! I guess I'm use to counting like you do when you're prego. Blake won that argument! haha And then today I had 2 different appointments. Which I will never schedule 2 in 1 day btw! I was running around from 9-3. One was all the way across town which they took an hour to even call us back. And then I ran home to eat lunch, feed Levi, change him and get gas. So I get to my 4 week post delivery check-up and there's like no parking anywhere so I have to park behind the building down the road. I'm lugging Levi around in his carrier and the ground is wet so my pants are soaked which I hate more than anything. Then they tell me the wrong floor and I see a lady with a stroller and I'm like WTF! Why did I not get the stroller out of the trunk! Holy cow!

So yea....Today was a stressful day filed with brain farts and blonde moments!

Blake went out on a job and when they do they could be out for days so who knows when I'll get to talk to him again. Sad face. But on the plus side he comes home in 6 days! Yay!

Levi's first faux hawk. He's getting so big :(
Poor little man still has gas even tho I've been giving him the Gripe Water so tomorrow I'm going to make a run to Target and see if I can get different bottles or something and maybe that would help. I talked to the nutrition lady and she said the formula he's on is for gas. It's the Good Start Protect Plus. And lemme tell you, formula is expensive! And diapers. Luckily I haven't had to buy any yet but I'm almost out of diapers. I finally got all of the cloth diapers washed so I'm going to attempt to use those again.

Time to watch American Idol!

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