Friday, January 13, 2012

Out and About

Levi is finally getting out. It's cold and started snowing yesterday. Tennessee winters are nuts! Almost 70 one day and snows the next. Plus unlike up north people here flip out and buy everything they can from the grocery store. And they drive like 10 miles an hour on the the fast lane. Come on people!

We met Blake's sister for lunch yesterday before an appointment. Levi is going to love his aunts! He hasn't met his other one yet. They're both so pretty!

Last night I cooked and baked up a storm. I made Crab Rangoon dip found here via pinterest. And Smores bars found here also via pinterest! I love finding recipes on that site! And so far just about everyone I've made has been really good! I also made homemade pizza! And this morning I made breakfast cups found here via pinterest also.

Today we have to run a bunch of errands and take little man to the doctor again to get his Bilirubin checked. So annoying! Blake's last day of his old job ended at 6am this morning. He leaves for his new job on Sunday. We have to drop him off at the airport at 7am and he flies to Oklahoma for 2 weeks. The only time we've been apart in the last 3 years was when I went on a cruise. I think I will probably cry a few times. But I'm gonna have to get use to it because he's only going to be home one week out of the month from now on. But in the end it will all work out because like I said before I get to be a stay at home mom and we have big plans for the future! (ok maybe not me but Blake has mapped everything out lol). Plus the week he is home we get to do fun things! Like vacations or what ever we want!

Little man has been waking up every 2 hours during the night to eat. It's like clock work. He must have an alarm in there or something. I'm still pumping. We got his formula finally that we're going to be using from now on. As of right now I'm mixing one ounce of formula to one ounce of breast milk. So far so good. And I must say I have never heard a baby fart so loud or so much! Is that normal??? He does good when it comes to burping him and he's only spit up twice so far. But his butt is just on full blast!

Poor Blake fell yesterday. He'd probably be embarrassed if he saw I put this on here. He was walking down the ramp and I was in front of him. Next thing I know I hear a bang and him saying Oww. Because of the snow and his boots he slid and landed with his leg underneath him. Thank god it wasn't his bad knee he's had surgery on. He does have a nice little shiner tho! LoL! As I type this sitting on my bed Levi and daddy are napping. As always! So cute!
If only you could hear them. Blake snores and Levi grunts, farts and make noises. Like father like son!

Gotta go!

Oh yea...Happy Friday the 13th!


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