Monday, January 30, 2012

Just because...

I can't believe how fast he is growing! When he was first born he was so tiny I was almost afraid to pick him up but now he is quite the little chunky butt. He's starting to stay awake during the day now. And last night he only woke up once which was at 5am. I ended up taking an extra long nap last night so I was wide awake until 2am. We definitely need to work on getting on the same sleep schedule.

My little sleepy boy. He looks so different in every picture.
 This picture makes me laugh! His little monkey feet are sticking out.
 He loves to cuddle
 Went to get him a bottle and came to him trying to eat his blanket lol
 He loves bright lights so he either watches tv or watches me play on the computer.
He has yet to cry while taking a bath even when water gets in his eyes. He loves it! 
 This was yesterday. We were out all day running around. This is what he was wearing and he got called a Princess. Really? He doesn't even look like a girl. Not to mention his car seat and blanket have all boy colors. People are crazy!

Blake comes back tomorrow night! Yay! I actually can't wait to go to Oklahoma next Monday. It'll seem like a vacation and I haven't been on one in forever! We could fly there and his work would pay for it but then I would be stuck with out a car so we're driving. It takes 12 hours. So we're gonna stop and stay in Little Rock Monday night. This should be an interesting drive with a one month old. But luckily his work will pay for the gas to drive there also. So far I'm loving his job! I get to stay home and he makes good money and they pretty much pay for everything. Can't beat that!

Happy Monday!

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