Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pediatrician and Bad News

We had Levi's first appointment with the Pediatrician today at 2pm. When he was born he weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and today he weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces. He said with breast feeding it takes a little bit for his weight to go back up. He did the normal check up answered any questions we had. He also noticed how yellow he looked. To me he has looked the same since we left the hospital so I haven't noticed anything different. He took some blood to get tested to check his Bilirubin level. He told us it would take a few hours and that he would call us later.

At 6:30 the phone rang. I was in the bedroom with Levi and Blake was in the kitchen so I could hear his part of the conversation and I heard. "Is that something we need to do now?" That didn't sound good. He came and told me that his Bilirubin levels were up to 21.4 which is bad! And that he wants us to take him over to the hospital asap. So I cried the entire way there because I feel like I could have done something to prevent this. We got there and took him up to the 3rd floor. He has his own little room and I was worried to death because I thought I would have to just leave him there. They let me stay and sleep on the pull out bed. Blake has to work tonight until 6am. They did have him laying naked in an open bed with he bili lights on him but he got cold so they put him in an incubator. Looks a little scary but he's comfortable. He has to wear these black foam sunglasses and when he relaxes he looks like he's just sun bathing.

They checked his Bilirubin again a few hours after getting here and it dropped to 18.7 which isn't good but it's good that it's going down! Since it's dropping they're waiting until the morning to check it again. I have to feed him every 2 hours and the pediatrician wants him to eat as much as he can see he will poop and pee out the Bilirubin. It's crazy that you can actually see it come out. Since the jaundice makes you yellow his pee and poop are bright yellow.

Right now it's 2:45am. I still haven't been to sleep. They wake him again at 4am to feed and to do his vital signs again. So I guess I will try and take a nap. Hopefully everything will be normal in the morning and he won't have to stay here for long.

I love you little baby!

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