Sunday, January 22, 2012

All about poo....

Blake comes home in 9 days! I feel like those 9 days are gonna take forever! And little boy will be a month old on Tuesday. Just crazy! I've posted a million pictures and he always looks bigger in the pictures than he actually is. I noticed today he has been extra cranky. He pooped this morning but hasn't since and I noticed he would hold his breath and grunt more than he normally does. He passes gas a lot! So I assumed he was constipated. So I ran to the store and got gripe water and gave it to him. And I also googled what to do to help him. And it said to take a q-tip and put vaseline on it like you would when you take his temperature. It obviously worked because he pooped. Other people recommended giving him prune juice but I'm not so sure about that. He gets hiccups a lot to and the gripe water is suppose to help with that. Hopefully his business returns to normal. I know it's because he's strictly on formula now.

TMI but about this boob business. How annoying! I stopped pumping completely yesterday and this junk is still leaking! I can not wait until it stops! He cries and it's like a faucet turns on!

I was talking to Blake earlier and looked over and this is how Levi was laying...
Just loungin! lol He's spoiled already but that's okay! He deserves it!

We have tornado warnings tonight! Scary! It's on its way here. I put some stuff in the bathroom already in case we need to run in there. They spotted tornadoes in Arkansas. I'm just hoping it all stops before it gets here!


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