Friday, January 27, 2012

One Month Old!

Levi is one month old today! And it's also my original due date! I never got around to ordering those monthly stickers that everyone has so I tried to think of something else I could do. And this is what I came up with....

He absolutely loves baths! He was actually crying right before I put him in his tub. By the way the tub I use is called Puj. I saw it in a magazine and wanted it but it was around $40. No way was I gonna pay that much. One day I was at Target and walked by the baby beds and there was a box sticking out with a clearance sticker...low and behold it was this bath tub! And it was marked down to around $10. Not sure why it was stuck in by the beds but oh well! You can find them here. I think it is super neat! It's actually made out of foam and it's flat but it has 2 magnetic buttons that hold it together when you want it formed into the tub. Pretty neat!

A little Tax talk. Since we aren't married yet obviously we have to file separate. We've been engaged for like 2 years. We don't ever plan on having a big wedding so we weren't ever in a big hurry. We've made attempts to plan something but it never works out. Being 'married' is just a piece of paper anyways in my opinion. But anyway...Let me tell you! Having a kid is crazy when it comes to taxes. I finished Blake's today since he's in Oklahoma. I watched the number keeping going up and up. I felt like I hit the lottery! So needless to say the car will be paid off soon!

This year has started out amazing for so many reasons and I am soooo grateful for all of them. Especially my precious beautiful son! He's starting to show so much personality already and he's such a little piggy! His time to play and be awake is from 8pm to about midnight. I was letting him sleep in my bed but decided not to make it a habit so I wrap him up tight in his swaddle blanket thingy. He cries a little at first but then goes right to sleep. I was setting my alarm clock to feed him every 2 hours but now he's use to it and wakes up when he's hungry which is usually every 3 hours or so at night. He still has gas and I was using Gripe Water but I don't think that helped so I picked up some gas drops today and also some new bottles. I'm officially done breastfeeding/pumping. So glad I took a friends advice and just slowly stopped pumping because lemme tell you that would have hurt to just stop cold turkey! The worst part is that the boobs still leak. Why did someone not tell me all of the weird things that come with pregnancy!

This is how he fell asleep yesterday. Pacifier in his mouth and all! lol

Oh and Blake comes home in 4 days!!! I can not wait! A whole week off to spend with him. Minus the weekend he has drill. Boo! I give props to single moms because it is rough! Trying to figure out how to run here and there and if you have to run into the gas station you can't because you can't leave him in the car. It's exhausting to say the least and I couldn't imagine having to work and do all of this. I always thought being a mom would be a breeze but it's definitely a lot of work!

Time to go do mom duties! Washing bottles and folding clothes....never ending!


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