Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Never enough pictures!

I think I have an obsession with taking pictures of Levi. He is way to cute and makes to many faces to not take so many pictures. Plus he's already growing way to fast. And I'm still not so sure that I would ever do this again so I'll take as many pictures as I can!

Poop face??
 Maggie is like where's waldo in every picture I take! LOL
 Smiling like his daddy!
 He busted out. He hates having his arms tucked in the swaddler.
 This is his signature pose. He sits like this all the time!
 Can't wait for his hair to grown some more. He looks like a bald man lol

Oh....and screw waiting for the girl scouts to sell their cookies. Thanks to pinterest I found a really easy recipe to make my own Samoas! I HATE real coconut but this is the only thing I will eat that his it. Here's the recipe if you are interested! Soon as I get off my butt and go to the store I will make them!

Happy Hump Day to those that work! Thank god I don't have to! ;) And I guess I should probably mention that this whole being away from Blake thing is way harder than I thought! He comes home on the 31st and is home a week. Then he has to go back for 3 weeks and it repeats. They pay for all of his flights and all that junk but I decided that since this is so hard and it isn't far that he has to miss his son growing up that when he goes back we are going with him for a week or so to find a place to live. Oklahoma does not look very interesting but that's life! He works an hour and a half away from the city and there are no places out there to live so looks like he's gonna have to drive. At least we won't be in bfe and I'll have places to go! And I've always wanted to go to Texas and it's just a hop skip away! Yay! Plus when we go on cruises we can go out of Texas now! But that's a whole different topic!

~Christine & Levi

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