Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So...I noticed with in the last week that Levi has been extra fussy. And at times he feels hot like he has a temperature except he doesn't. And the last 2 days I noticed he started drooling. I just figured he was fighting trying to sleep or just growing. Today he started putting his hand in a fist and sucking on it which I thought was weird. So I looked at his gums and sure enough he has an outline of a tooth that is white on the top. And if you feel his gums they're sharp like a tooth is coming through. 

I asked family and friends and was told by my sister in law that it's possible for babies to actually be born with teeth. So I googled it and that's what I found. I thought babies didn't teeth until much older. Little man must have super growth powers or something! lol

We should be home Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Since Blake got called on a job at the last minute. Lovely! Levi has a doctors appointment this week so I have a ton of questions to ask and hopefully he can tell me what to do about this situation because I'm about to go bonkers! If I never heard a baby cry again the rest of my life I would be A-Okay!

Daddy and Baby watching Tv <3

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