Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There's a few blogs I check religiously and this is one of them! And I happen to have gone to school with her hubs. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • This is my first So What Wednesday!
  • I just learned recently that you are suppose to add a can of water to Campbell's soups (chicken noodle). I guess that's what I get for not reading directions! I prefer my way thank you!
  • I threw out a whole bottle of Hunts ketchup today because that junk is disgusting!
  • I think Glee is the corniest show ever!
  • I no longer have to buy girl scout cookies because Keebler makes their own version that tastes the same. Thank you Keebler for Thin Mints and Samoas!
  • I can't stand coconut but yet I'll eat a Samoa and on that same note I can't stand plain cold tomatoes period but I'll eat salsa or other stuff that has them in it. Even fried green tomatoes. Weird I know!
  • Tomorrow I'm going to buy a sewing machine and sew my heart out!
  • I'm newer to blogging and it took me a minute to figure out how the heck to get that cute picture to be at the top. Durr!
  • My son is 6 weeks old and everything has me paranoid! They need to give you a manual when you leave the hospital!
  • I laugh when I see a young pregnant woman because I know the torture she's about to endure!
  • I will be the first person to tell someone off! I use to be super duper shy. Not sure what happened! lol
  • Being a stay at home mom is a lot harder than I thought! I don't see how working moms do it. I'm tired!
  • I have been drunk once in my 26 1/2 years on this earth. My liver thanks me!

I could go on and on but I think I'll stop there before I prolong boring anyone! lol

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