Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes...I'm a paranoid mom!

I think I just need to realize that I'm going to be paranoid for the rest of my life and it started with my pregnancy. As if that wasn't enough stress now he's out of my belly and there's a whole different set of worries. 

For one I watch wayyyy to much tv esp the news! I've seen a few stories where moms get killed because someone wants their baby. I refuse to go on a walk alone anywhere with him for that reason. And I believe every mom should have a gun in the house. There was another story not to long ago about the mom that was alone with her son and 2 men tried breaking in and she shot and killed one of em.  I would have done the same exact thing! And being alone now while Blake is away you bet your ass his gun is in the night stand right next to me! This world is full of  way to many crazy people! 

Back to my original post....

On Tuesday at midnight Levi was still awake and extra fussy which he never is. So I felt his little forehead and he felt hot. I got the thermometer out and took a rectal temp and it was 100.1. I freaked out! I'm pretty sure with rectal temps you're suppose to subtract a degree for whatever reason ( I didn't know). All I saw was 100.1 and thought omg my baby is sick. I couldn't get a hold of Blake since he's 2 hours away on a job. I tried messaging my family and got no answer because they're asleep obviously. And because I never got a manual when he was born I turned to google who apparently knows everything! And of course the answers on there freaked me out even more. Not to mention I'm in Oklahoma where I know no one! And this little town shuts down at like 9pm! put an even bigger cherry on top...I don't have a cell phone! Yes I know it's 2012 but I like saving money. But you better your ass I'm gonna go get one tomorrow because of this event! So I'm in tears and I finalllllllly get a hold of Blake via the hotel phone and I'm sure I freaked him out so he got the first ride back that he could.

When I took his temp he was fussy so I waited until he calmed down and did it again and it went down to 99.6 which is I guess normal. And thankfully a friend was on Facebook so she talked to me about it. He finally went to sleep and I'm keeping an eye on him and rechecking it. If it goes any higher I'm taking him to the hospital asap!

And that was my first panic attack. I'm sure there will be a million more to come!

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