Friday, March 02, 2012

Change of plans

We got back from Oklahoma Wednesday or I guess technically Thursday close to 1am. You don't realize how much you miss the state you live in until you're gone for 3 weeks. I'd have to say Tennessee is the prettiest state ever to live in. Warm weather, beautiful trees, mountains, tons of things to do and I can not wait until they open the new park that Dolly Parton is building!! And not to mention our mall that got flooded over a year ago is opening this month! Super excited!

About the change of plans....I go back to work on Tuesday! After being home for 8 weeks with Levi and those last 3 being bored outta my mind with nothing to do, I'm not sure that I was really cut out to be a stay at home mom. I'm not gonna be at the same salon I was at before but this one is just as close and I already know most of the people there anyway so it works out. Not sure of my hours yet but being a Hairstylist you don't ever work 'normal' hours anyway. I think I may be rotating with another girl to work one week part time and then the next full time. Works for me!

I can not wait for summer! I love summers in Tennessee. It's normally always sunny and it's so much hotter here than Ohio and especially Oklahoma. Have I mentioned how much I HATE that state! Thank god we don't have to move there.

I tried to schedule an appointment for Levi's 2 month check up....well. They asked if I had got his insurance cards in the mail yet because after 30 days he's on his own I guess. I told them I wasn't sure because I'd been gone for 3 weeks. So the lady said she would call and see if he was in the system. I got a call yesterday saying they never added him to my insurance! WTH! So she faxed over the papers and I have to wait to hear from her. Why do people slack on their jobs!

Little boy has been out of his normal routine lately. He normally wakes up at 6pm and stays awake until at least mid night if not later. Well last night he was awake close to 5pm and then fell asleep at 9:30pm after his bottle. And slept until 1:30am!! And then he fell back asleep until 5:30am. And now he's just wide awake sitting in his boppy watching cartoons. I love a happy baby. With this stupid weather his nose has been stuffy. Thank god for humidifiers, baby saline spray and the booger getter.

Two of my friends are pregnant! One is having a boy and the other hasn't found out yet. Since I have no intentions on having anymore. I have someone that I can give my baby stuff too. I'm keeping all of his cute baby clothes because I plan on making this....
Found on Pinterest of course!

Time to go play with Levi! I think the tv is boring him.

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