Monday, February 13, 2012

Levi's First Snow!

Last night it started snowing! There's nothing to do in this town and Blake is at a job for a few days...and found out he may have to go out on another after this job. 100+ hour work week...Yes please! Anyway...It started snowing when it got dark out. I was watching the Grammy's and they kept interrupting. The curtains were closed so I was like wth are they talking about. So I look out the door and see this...

This was when it first started but we ended up getting at least 3 inches if not more. I ventured out today and surprisingly they plow the roads here! Shocker! People in Tennessee are clueless about how to clear roads apparently because it's always a mess! And last I looked out most of it was melted. 

To bad little man is so small or we would have gone out to play! I saw some boys today walking around with sleds. Oh to be young again! 

They said it should be in the high 50s at the end of the week. Thank god! This cold stuff has got to go!

Ain't he cute! He's getting so chunky! And he looks like an old man going bald on the top! hahaha

Have a Good Monday!

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