Friday, February 03, 2012

Family Pictures!

We got our first family pictures done today! Levi was so good and stayed awake the entire time. We got a ton of shots. We ended up picking out 3 poses of him, 2 family ones and one of each of us and him. We also got 2 others and the cd with all of the pictures on it. My computer is one of those smaller laptops that doesn't have a cd drive and Blake's only works when it wants to. So...I can't load that pictures :( I could scan them in using the printer but that would take forever and I'm to impatient for that!

So....I took a picture of the pictures. The quality sucks but it will have to do for now! They turned out better than I thought!

 I love this one! He has his peace sign up again! lol

 The real picture isn't this bright

 Okay...You see how messed up looking my hair is...Why do they not fix that for you!
I love the bottom picture of us! Not sure why I didn't get it in a bigger one.

That's our first family pictures. Can't wait to do it again!

Have a good weekend!

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