Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

This winter has been crazy to say the least! Yesterday it was mid 60's where I live. Today it's raining but still in the 60's and tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny and 63! I can't wait for summer to be here!

With Blake's new job we'll actually be able to go and do things now! Where as before he worked nights and weekends. Worst schedule ever! Now we have one week off every single month to go and do what ever we want where ever we want!

When it comes to being tan in the summer I REFUSE to go to the tanning bed! I grew up tanning all the time and I love being tan but with in the last few years I've gotten white spots. Not to mention that it is so easy to get skin cancer. I do go to the pool and lay out in the natural sun but I will never ever go bake myself again in a tanning bed. Instead of tanning I use self tanner.

Since I've been prego and it's winter time I'm obviously a little pasty. My skin tans really easy in the summer and I can get super dark. Since we have pictures on Friday I busted out the self tanner that I use which is...
This is the lighter color and they also make a darker color...

This is by far the best self tanner I have used. I haven't tried a whole lot of different brands but this one just works for me. You know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it. That would relate to this! You can find this at Walmart and it's around $6-$7 a bottle.

I shower and exfoliate and then I let myself dry off completely and then I just rub this in like you would a lotion. It's brown in color. Just make sure you rub it in good on your elbows, knees, wrists and toes. I't doesn't leave any streaking! But if you don't rub it in really good on those areas you will notice! And def make sure you wash your hands. So far I have used it twice this week and I have a little bit of a tan. Once you rub it on you let it dry before putting your clothes on. And it takes about 2-3 hours for the color to show up. It def isn't instant. I do notice that it puts off the smell like you just went to a tanning bed which I find really odd but what ever!

I also have my favorite lotion for when laying out at the pool. This does not have any spf in it though which is the only negative but if you want a dark tan it's amazing!
I have a friend who was really tan in a picture last summer and I asked her what she used and that's how I found this! It's made in Hawaii and it actually has coffee in it. If you have an ULTA near you, they sell it. Other wise you can look it up online. When you put it on it instantly looks like it gives you a tan it's that dark. The first time you use it it recommends only laying out for an hour. And when they say that they mean business! You will fry like a lobster! They also make an indoor tanning lotion and an after sun lotion which I've never tried either of. I wanna say it's around $10 a bottle but if you go to ULTA they have sales sometimes and I think I actually got mine cheaper since I bought 2 bottles.

I can't wait for this summer! I've already looked into vacations. I would normally take a cruise but since little man is only 5 weeks old I don't wanna risk it. So we'll wait until next year for that. If you've never been on a cruise GO! You will have the best time ever! 

Oh summer....please hurry up! I've missed you!

Happy Tanning!

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