Friday, February 10, 2012


We made it to Oklahoma on Tuesday. I would like to say I'm excited about it's pretty boring out here. The closest Walmart is 20 minutes away and the closest Target is over an hour. Around here there's a Kmart and that's pretty much the only store. There are 2 grocery stores but no Kroger or Publix. And there's food places. That's all! It's a really small town. Pretty sure you couldn't get lost if you tried.

We had chinese the other day for lunch and it was so good! There's also this place called Braums. It's a normal fast food place combined with like a Baskin Robins or something. And they also have a little grocery store inside. Odd! But they do have the best ice cream. Cookies and Cream is my favorite now!

Monday night we stayed in Little Rock. Levi was laying on the bed and discovered that he has legs! So now he kicks all the time!

Cutest thing ever! And he loves watching tv. He was watching wheel of fortune Monday night.

Blake has the weirdest job. His week started Tuesday at midnight yet he hasn't worked until today. But...he still gets paid no matter what. Fine with me! He actually got a call yesterday to come in at midnight but it started to snow so they changed it to 6am today. The only thing that sucks is he has no clue when he gets off. Depending on what they do it could be anywhere from 14 hours to days. And when they stay out for days they get paid for 24 hours a day. Nice! I like his job I just wish there was more to do out here because so far I'm not sure about moving here. And it's so cold! There's hardly any trees here and it's super flat so the wind is brutal! We actually had to go buy some warmer clothes yesterday.

My camera is in the car but when I can get to it I will post some rather boring pictures of around here. lol

Have a good weekend!

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