Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Blake is still out in the field working so me and Levi got to spend it alone :( Hopefully he'll be back on Saturday so we can go to dinner because on Friday we will be together 3 years!

Funny story. Our actual first real date was on Valentine's Day 3 years ago. Myself, Blake, his sister and her bf at the time and then another couple all went to dinner. We didn't make reservations anywhere so we ended up at a mexican restaurant. Which is Blake's favorite. And I personally didn't care. I ordered a margarita and ended up giving it to Blake. Yuck! I don't see how people drink those! And then after dinner we ended up at a tattoo shop where I ended up getting a tattoo on my arm. And Blake's sister got a tattoo also. The place we went to closed shortly after because people kept getting them confused with a shop down the street that was awful. (I got my first tattoo there so I know from experience!) Which makes me sad because the guy I had was amazing. It never scabbed and for cursive letters it's perfect. The intern that worked there actual free handed it. I told him I didn't jail looking letters on my arm.

It probably makes me look like I'd be rough around the edges but I'm not at all! I just love tattoos! Blake has a solid piece on his arm along with 2 other tattoos. Being a hairstylist I've had a million and one people ask my why the heck did you get that and why there? How annoying right?! I want so bad to say something rude back but of course never could. I originally wanted to get it in Latin but decided not to because I never took Latin and I know nothing about the language so I stuck with plain ole' English. And I got it there because I saw a picture of Pink the singer and loved hers in that spot. Plus...Looking at my arm I can't see it so it doesn't bother me. I'm a little ocd about things and that probably would drive me nuts because it would make my arms uneven. Weird huh?! lol 

So that's our first date story. We actually didn't date long before he moved in with me and we've been together ever since. And I can say it's the best relationship I've ever had. We have our disagreements on minor things. But I can honestly say we don't fight ever! I read arguments between couples on Facebook all of the time and I'm just like thank you Jesus we don't have that problem. I don't ever picture my life without him! And he's the best dad ever!

And we made this cute little booger who is currently being a fussy butt because he's trying so hard to stay awake! Poor little boy has an old man hairline lol

That's our love story!


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