Thursday, December 01, 2011


On Tuesday 11/29/11, I had a doctors appointment with my regular OB. I haven't been back to her since all of this happened in September. I didn't think I needed to see her since I'm seeing the high risk doctors but she is still technically my doctor. She scheduled me an ultrasound for that day also. Once we got in the room she was planning on checking my cervix but decided she didn't need to because I had an appointment the following day with the high risk doctors. I go there weekly since they're the ones that put the cerclages in. I really like my original doctor even though all of this happened. She gave me a couple options on what we can do when it comes to delivering. She said we could transfer our care over to the high risk doctors and have them do it or we could still have her do it. Her office is about 30 minutes away. So we would prefer to have the high risk doctors take out the cerclages and deliver. BUT....they won't take me on as a patient. They said the only way they would is if I had no other doctor and they had to. So that pretty much leaves us with going to my regular OB. She told us on Tuesday that she takes cerclages out between 36/37 weeks. And tomorrow I will be 32 weeks! I've talked to several people who have had cerclages and they said as soon as the stitches were out the baby came. So it looks like I could be having a baby by the end of the month! Yay!!!

They still have me on Indocin and Procardia. The Indocin is the one that makes my fluid low. Which I had an appointment with the high risk doctors yesterday, Wednesday, and they said it was getting low again. So we asked about coming off of it because they told us that I would need to anyway before 34 weeks so his kidneys would function properly and he could produce urine. So as of tomorrow I will no longer be taking that. It also helps stop contractions so I'm not sure what is gonna happen not being on it. They checked my cervix and it is still measuring at 20mm which is the same as last week. I'm still on bed rest. I try sitting up a little more because sometimes I can't breathe very good laying all the way flat. And the heart burn is killing me lately!

I go back to the high risk doctors on Wednesday again and they'll remeasure the cervix and check the fluid again. I believe the ultrasound tech said they no longer do the internal ultrasound between 34/35 weeks so after that they just check with their hands. I need to call tomorrow to ask my regular OB about setting up a time to take the cerclages out and talk to her about everything that's gonna happen. She even told me she thinks he'll come right after. She's been getting my ultrasound reports weekly and has seen my cervix go up and down. I'm really not sure if they will have me stay in the hospital and have her do it or if she plans on sending me home. Which I don't think she will.

That's all for now! I'll update again when I hear something new.

Btw...I can't believe it's December already! These last 8 months have gone by super fast. Thank god!


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