Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Doctor!

I just got home from the ER. I went because I was kind of paranoid about the whole Diabetes thing and not having any medicine and having to wait until Tuesday. Plus I haven't really been feeling well. I've had headaches, felt dizzy and have just felt blah. They checked my urine and said that I have Ketones in it because I'm not eating or drinking enough so I'm using up my stored fat. Which it effects my blood sugar. He also said I had a few contractions but that they stopped. He wrote me a prescription for a Diabetes medicine. And the best part is that I got a new doctor. Blake told him our concern about our other doctor and how she has missed so many things that could have been prevented or helped earlier than they have been. So he said he would be glad to see me as a patient. And he's actually in the same building as the high risk doctors I've been going to. Plus I'll deliver at the hospital I've been in rather than at a hospital that doesn't even have a NICU or with doctors and nurses who are ignorant. I would much rather start over with someone new than have to deal with a doctor who neglects their patients. I have to call Tuesday to get an appointment for some time this coming week. Not sure now when he would take the stitches out and all that.

On another note. If I get one more comment about pregnancy and what I should be doing from someone that has no clue and has never been pregnant or had Diabetes or been on bed rest I'm gonna snap! You've been warned!

Merry Christmas by the way! lol


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