Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glucose Testing

I got a phone call on Monday from my regular OB, Dr.B. She said I need to come in for the glucose testing since I never had it done. So I went in the next day. I picked the orange flavor because I was told it wasn't as bad as the others. She said I had 10 minutes to drink it but I sucked it down so I didn't have to wait a million years. Then they called my name to go and sit in one of the little rooms. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was 130s/90s, which she said was high. And let me tell you what, I felt like crap after I drank that stuff. I laid on the table until the lady came in to draw my blood. Then we went back and waited some more. Dr. B came in and apologized a million times because she thought since I was going to the high risk doctors that they were actually seeing me. She said she has other doctors that she send her patients to and they see them like she would. So she had no clue that this group of doctors didn't do that. So I wasn't the only one left out apparently. I should have called but I figured she's the doctor she knows what she's doing.
So I just got the phone call and they said I failed the one hour. Which explains why I felt so bad after. On Tuesday the 20th I have to go back and do the 3 hour. I don't have to see Dr.B that day but I'm going to make sure they check my blood pressure and see if I can find out when she decided the schedule the cerclage removal. We have SO much stuff to do with in the next month and I can't plan anything! Kinda stressful!  Blake got a new job and we're moving back to Ohio where I'm originally from! It will be so nice to be around family and people that I actually know. And I'm excited to hang out with people that I've known since elementary and middle school!
The day after the glucose testing we went to the high risk doctors. They measured Levi but for what ever reason the girl wouldn't tell us what he was measuring. They always have before. She said to call Dr.B and ask. When she measured his head the screen said 35 weeks and 2 days. And I was only 33 weeks 5 days at the time. Which I know those things aren't always accurate. I think he may just have a big head like his dad. Which is going to be no bueno when it comes to pushing him out! I also only have to go and see them one more time until they release me because after 34 weeks you can't do an internal ultrasound. So I will be getting checked the old fashioned way until I deliver. My cervix was measuring at 23mm!  And Dr.B told me that I can stop all of my medicine at 35 weeks. Other than going for the glucose testing on Tuesday I don't see her again until Dec. 28th. Which on the 30th I will be 36 weeks and she may take the stitches out then or wait until Jan. 6th. It really isn't that far away but I feel like it's an eternity! I've been feeling miserable but it's starting to get even worse. I hurt all over, esp down there. And I can't hardly breathe! Thank god my little tiny stretch mark hasn't grown anymore. I don't see how women have more than one kid. I mean it's cute and all but good lord it's a lot of work! Anyways, that's all for now!


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