Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glucose Testing #2 and the last high risk appointment!

Tuesday we had to be at my regular doctors office at 7:30am. I was getting really irritated and almost left because we sat there over 30 minutes waiting on the lady who draw blood to get there. Apparently the lady that was suppose to be there at 7:30 called out. So when the back up finally got there she drew my blood and then I drank the lovely sugar drink. I was so tired and wanted to just lay down. I asked if we could go sit in the car but she said wait in here for the first hour in case you get sick. So after the hour was up she drew my blood again. Then we went and sat in the car for the next hour and I feel asleep. She drew my blood again. This time I laid on the chairs in the waiting room. I so did not care who saw me laying down. I'm use to bed rest so sitting for over 3 hours about killed me. She drew my blood for the final time and then we got to go home. We didn't get home until noon and I was starving!

On Wednesday we had our final appointment with the high risk doctors. We still had no clue what Levi was measuring from the last appointment since they lady wouldn't tell us. We got the nice lady this time so we asked her. She told us last Wed he was measuring 5 pounds 6 ounces. And that he gains about a half pound a week so that would make him almost 6 pounds now! Yay! Some how my cervix was still measuring 20mm. I was kinda surprised because I've walked around a lot this week and have cleaned and what not. When I was laying on the table waiting for her to start the ultrasound I got the worst pain in my back. Wasn't sure what it was but it went away. Levi had hiccups when she was doing the belly ultrasound. He is so cute and has little chubby cheeks! They put the ultrasound pictures on a disk so I'll have to upload those later.

Last night I had some really bad back and hip pain. I took tylenol and that didn't help. So I got the heating pad out and it helped. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and my hips were just sore. I guess it's from him laying on  a nerve or my hips just getting ready for him to come out. Right now I feel fine but I haven't really moved around much today.

Next Wednesday I go to my regular doctor to get an ultrasound and then she's going to check my cervix and tell us when she has decided to take the stitches out!

Christmas isn't going to be to exciting this year. Just me and Blake. He has to work at 6pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which sucks but that's life. I will be so glad when all of this is over! I just want to see him already. I think he's going to look a lot like Blake!

Happy Thursday!

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