Friday, December 23, 2011


So Dr. B told me herself yesterday that she would get the glucose monitor and medication called in to my pharmacy. I even gave her the pharmacy number. I didn't know if it would be ready yesterday so we go to pick it up today. They have nothing in their computer. So I'm guessing her or her nurse never called it in. Lovely! So I call the on call number and the answering people they have say that they don't do anything with medications they're just there for emergency. And that no one will be in the office until Tuesday 12/27/11. Well hello I would say this is probably an emergency. So she leaves a message for Dr. N who is another doctor in the office. Mean while my phone dies so I can't even answer it to talk to them. I finally call back and get put on the phone with Dr.N. He asks me what the medication was and I tell him I have no clue. It was just the tester and a medication. (I'm not a doctor how the hell should I know what she prescribes for Diabetes?!) So he tells me that he can't call anything in if he doesn't know what it was. Had I been taking the medicine he could but since it's brand new there wasn't anything he could do. He just said to watch what I eat. Mmmk?!? Can I just say how frustrating this has been! First she misses the whole cervix thing and I almost lose my baby. Next she never checks me for gestational diabetes until 34 weeks because she had no clue that the other office didn't do it. Wouldn't you at least call and check?? And now she doesn't even freaking call in the medication I should have been taking all this time! All I got to say is she better figure out what she's doing and if anything happens to my baby she will be in a mess of trouble!

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