Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year I am thankful to all of the doctors that have helped save my little baby boy! And I'm so thankful that I got the chance to be a mother finally! Since I had my doctors appointment today we decided to have our Thanksgiving on Tuesday in case they put me back in the hospital. We ate until we were stuffed. Blake and I laid in bed the rest of the day. And I want to say thank you to him for being the woman and cooking everything this year. Love you! This is what we had...

Yum! So I got called in for an earlier appointment today. I think they're trying to get out of the office early. I went in at 11am. And to our surprise everything is still normal! So I'm at home for at least another week! Kinda bummed since we already cooked but we have plenty of left overs so at least we won't have to. Blake smoked the turkey on his smoker outside. It makes it taste really good. Everyone loved it last year.

Today I am 30 weeks and 5 days. It just amazes me that I've made it this far. I've seen doctors the entire time obviously but I haven't been back to my original doctor since all of this happened at 23 weeks. And I honestly haven't been able to go and see her #1 because it still kinda scares me because she could have caught this. I try not to blame her because I know she can't help what the human body does but she could have at least caught it sooner. And #2 because I've been on bed rest and figured since I was seeing a doctor in the hospital and weekly since I've been home. But I still need to have the glucose test done and I really just need to check up with her since she still is my ob doctor. Plus I have a lot of questions for her. Like if I do go into labor when they take out the cerclages will she be the one delivering or will the other doctors since it isn't her hospital. It's all so confusing. Still waiting for them to call back but I've learned they aren't very good at it until you keep bugging them. 

Not to mention I'm so sick of dealing with the medicine I'm on. I mean if a doctor writes a prescription they should fill it. I'm on 2 different types for preterm labor. I ran out of Procardia the other day and I honestly think that is the one that has helped me get this far along. So Blake went to get it filled because they said they had it. Come to find out my insurance won't pay for it twice a day. Even though they did the first time. So we had to pay $12 for 4 pills which lasted me until this morning. Makes no sense! So while at the doctors office we had to sit and wait will she called my insurance to get it approved. They wanted to know in detail why I was on it and what it was for and the typical well should she really be on it question. It's not like it's a narcotic people! I'm not dead yet and it's just a blood pressure medicine so what is the big deal! Since the doctors office was closing in a few hours and would be closed all weekend due to the holiday. She pretty much put pressure on them and told them, Look if you don't fill this she could go into labor this weekend. She still had to wait for the answer and would call us at home. They finally got the approval to fill it. Thank god. But why was that so difficult?! This has been like the theme of my entire pregnancy. And I'm glad it's almost over!

We also got the cutest pictures of Levi's face today. She put it on a cd this time tho and I have one of those tiny laptops that doesn't have a cd drive. And Blake's computer charger broke so hopefully I can make it work to load the pictures sometime soon. 

I'm bummed that I can't get maternity pictures because I'm on bed rest and since I'm not working we don't exactly have the extra money for it. Hopefully we can at least do some ourselves before he comes. We took some pictures this morning by the tree....

Don't I look a hot mess. I ask Blake everyday if I really look that big. He says yes but I really don't feel it. I guess maybe because I'm laying down all the time. That's all for now.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

<3 Christine, Blake and baby Levi :)

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