Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gestational Diabetes I was typing my last post I missed a phone call from my regular doctors office and it was actually my doctor who left the message saying that I have Gestational Diabetes. I'm waiting on the nurse to call me back. She said she needs to call me in some medicine and the glucose tester. And wants to see me next week to explain all of it. Which I already have an appointment for Wednesday. I'm hoping she'll tell me that she'll take the stitches out at 36 weeks since it's so close so I won't have to deal with all this or put him under any stress. No wonder I haven't felt good! I need to ask the nurse about the pains I've been having and some other symptoms that are TMI that I won't get into.

Other than getting my miracle out of this I can honestly say this is the worst experience I've ever had and I do not want to do it again! As long as I have one baby I will be happy. But this is torture!

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