Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Is it time yet?!

Since I came in on Friday I got moved to the biggest room they have since I was told I would be here for 7 more weeks. Well....Monday morning I had an ultrasound and my cervix was measuring at 22mm. It went up from 10mm. Dr. M came in and pretty much said that I could go home. I was slightly confused because Dr. L told me I would stay here until I was 34 weeks. I've been asked literally a million times what I do different at home that makes my cervix shrink. I don't do anything! Blake and my mom are there pretty much all day so its not like I have to get up to get anything. Thankfully they are willing to help me how ever they can. The only difference is that I get up in the morning and lay on the couch and the bathroom is a little bit further away. And the only other thing is the medicine. They took me off of Indocin because it made my fluid low. And my insurance wouldn't pay for the regular Procardia that I'm suppose to take every 6 hours. So they put me on the extended release that I only take once a day.

Since I've been back in the hospital they put me back on the Procardia that I take 4 times a day plus I'm also on Indocin again. So confusing! I told Dr. M I didn't want to be sent home to just have to come back in a week. She said she'd let me think about what I want to do and they would just repeat the ultrasound on Wednesday, which is today. The ultrasound lady came in this morning and said the shortest she measured was  20mm and she didn't say what the longest was. They take a bunch of different measurements so I guess it's up to the doctor once she looks at it to what the length actually is. Dr. M came in a little bit ago and she said it was no longer funneling and it was measuring 36mm. She told me the reason Dr. L said I would be staying here until 34 weeks is because normally once your cervix goes down to less than 15mm at this far along it doesn't go back up. And for some reason mine is. So again she asked what I am doing different. Can I just tell you how annoying that is to be asked that?! Trust me I hate bed rest and miss doing normal things but I know I can't! This time she didn't ask what I wanted to do. She just said they would repeat the ultrasound on Friday and go from there. Since I can't take the normal 4 a day Procardia at home she's going to put me on the extended release twice a day while I'm still here and monitor me and see if that helps or not.

Of course I would love to go home but already being told I'd be here until I'm 34 weeks is kind of stuck in my head. And whether my cervix shrinks or not they have me on Indocin again which reduces the fluid. So either way I'd be back here in no time. It's just aggravating! I don't mind being here because if I'm at home I'd be doing the same thing. Except it's just easier at home obviously. And the only thing I hate is how I can't ever sleep for a solid period of time. I get medicine at midnight and then at 5am they wake me up to put me on the doppler. And at home my lovely neighbor upstairs wakes me up at 6:30. So either way sleeping sucks!

That's the news for the week. Other than that there really isn't much going on. Just a lot of boredom! Thank god for library's! I got online and put a bunch of books on hold so my mom is bring them to me today. I'll do a book update of what I read next. Not that it's exciting or anything but I'm bored so what the heck!

Blake and I also attempted to make a mixture to paint my belly a pumpkin for Halloween. It didn't work so well! Ha! I didn't want to use regular paint because I didn't know if it would harm Levi but I'm thinking that I might have to because nothing else was working. It's past Halloween now but I really want a picture of it so we're still going to do it when we can. I was bored on Halloween and made my own costume with what I had. Blake was laughing at me! Here is what I did....
A pregnant ghost! Haha! And Blake's brother thought it was him not me. Even funnier! My little brother also got married on Halloween. I couldn't go obviously but at least I got to see pictures. Here they are with my 2 nephews....
The little one is 4 months old and looks just like his dad with a bald head! Haha! Speaking of that, the ultrasound lady told me that Levi is already growing hair on his head! Yay! I always wanted a baby that came out with a lot of hair. And if the heart burn thing is true he should have a lot because I have been dying from it! Blake was platinum blonde when he was a little boy and he has bright blue eyes. Hopefully he takes after him because that would be so cute!

Here's a picture of Levi from this morning. He looks like an alien to me! I can't wait until next Friday because that's when they should measure Levi again. I just want to know how much he is growing! He was 1 pound 13 ounces last time. And my belly is stretching like no other now! No stretch marks yet thank god! Now that I say that they will pop up tonight. Just watch!
Happy Hump Day!

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