Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss...

This post has nothing to do with what I would normally post on here. But as a soon to be parent I feel like it's my right to speak my mind about the whole Penn State incident involving children. I've tried to speak my mind but every time I say something I get smacked with how ignorant I am and that I don't know the facts. No I didn't go to Penn State or go to a 4 year college or get a 'proper' education as some would call it after high school. But before you judge me you should also get your facts straight because you know nothing about me! I chose to be a Cosmetologist because it's something that I like to do. So for any human to sit and degrade someone for the career path that they chose and to call them ignorant and trash because of it is a very shallow person. There are plenty of people in this world who have degrees and spent plenty of money on college who can't even get a job and work at a burger joint. And there's also plenty of people who haven't gone to college not because they didn't want to but because they either couldn't afford it or what ever other reason. Did you ever think of that before you ran your mouth?! Your comments about being ignorant because of a lack of education makes you that much more ignorant. And I hope you can sleep at night knowing that. You are no better than anyone else!

On that note....I've tried to explain my feelings but I apparently can't get them across. The point of this whole matter is about the children involved. Not the coach. Not the school. And not the students. They plan on holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow yet earlier on the news all of the students were there chanting 'We Are Penn State'. Give me a break. This isn't about any of you! To turn a blind eye on a serious matter who ever it may be makes you just as much involved as the person who committed the crime. I fully get supporting your school but with in that school you are also supporting the people who did this. And these people say they have morals! I say good luck with that!

I saw this article just a minute ago that explains exactly how I feel. Some people will disagree but I hope that the people that are ignorant to the situation read it and that maybe it will be a wake up call for them. Because if you are a parent, You of ALL people should understand! Here's the link!


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