Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Home again...

I got to go home on Sunday. My cervix was measuring at 40mm and I was told there was no reason that she could keep me there. I got the lecture again of how I need to be doing bed rest at home. I am! The only thing that is any different is my bed and the couch. My bed is up higher and super soft compared to hospital beds and sometimes I struggle to get up. And my couch is a lot lower than a hospital bed so I also struggle getting up. Other than that and showering and using the bathroom I lay here bored to death! I go to the doctor again tomorrow and if I get lectured I'm really gonna be annoyed! I try drinking as much water as I can but I don't always manage to do so. Not sure if that would do harm or not. And she also changed my medicine around again. My mom went to pick it up for me and the pharmacist said that my insurance won't pay for me to take Procardia twice a day so they still filled it but I only have enough for 2 weeks now.

I go to the doctor tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me that my cervix stays normal and that they can fix my medicine again! I don't think it will be long before I go back to the hospital. If it isn't for everything else going on it will be because of the Indocin making my fluid low. Can I just have a shot and knock me out for 2 months because this is really starting to get to me! And Levi is stretching and kicking a lot lately! It hurts sometimes.

Until tomorrows update....


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