Monday, June 04, 2012

Weight loss and Levi

I completely fell off the band wagon on eating healthy and exercising. Blake has been talking about getting out of the army for awhile now but he decided to make it his career and go active duty. He has until February to get back in shape to do this! So for me to support him in doing this I have to also me committed to losing weight. 

On Memorial Day something clicked in my head and I just thought Okay, I can do this! So for the past week I have counted calories every single day. According to my fitness pal I can have 1200 a day. Doesn't seem like a lot but after a few days it got easy. And counting calories isn't as annoying as it was in the beginning. 

The only time I went over was Friday night when we had a "cheat" dinner. Which we got Papa Murphey's Pepperoni DeLite Pizza. It's suppose to be lower in calories because the crust is super thing and there isn't as much toppings. It was soooo good! I had an extra piece which is what sent me over. :(

I also started and ab challenge that I found on another blog. It's also all over pinterest. It's the same as the Ab Ripper on P90X. You're suppose to do it every day for 30 days to see the results. I did before pictures which I will share if I finish. But the first day I about died! I don't think I have worked my ab muscles that hard EVER! I hurt so bad for the next 3 days! I've done it every other day since but starting today I plan to do it every day and just restart the 30 days. Esp since I got over that first work out. Holy cow!

From eating better and counting calories and doing the ab challenge I have lost 2.5 pounds in a week! It's not biggest loser good but anything is better than nothing!

I don't drink cokes a whole lot so cutting those out isn't hard. I sometimes drink coffee in the morning because a cup is only 20 calories and it helps me not get a caffeine headache which sucks majorly! Also if I don't have coffee in the morning I will get an unsweet tea because it has zero calories but still has the caffeine.

I am watching what I eat but I'm not depriving myself of something if I want it. I just have to fit the calories into my day. Like sweets for example. I love chocolate! But I've also checked the calories and on every package it has a lot! So.....I found these...
120 calories a pack and they are soooo good! They also have other chocolates and a ton of ice creams!
I know chocolate isn't good for you but if you're just counting calories this is doable!

Plus if you plug your food into like I do it is easier to keep track of. If you work out that day you can also plug in your exercise and it tells you how many calories you burned so essentially you have 'extra' calories! I don't eat the 'extra' since I'm trying to lose as much weight as I can.

I'm pretty confident that I'm sticking with this to reach my goal.. I don't have a set amount that I want to lose I just need to lose the baby weight and the yuckiness that I hate around my middle. I wish I could figure out how to lose the muscle on my arms so they didn't look so big. Years of being a nurses aide and lifting people every day will do that to ya!

That's all for now...Tonight I plan on making a new recipe that I actually found through weight watchers. It's an inside out eggroll. It looks so good! Recipe tomorrow!

And I must say I have the best little boy in the world! 3 nights in a row he was fussy but it was because he was constipated. Which thank god for gas drops and prune juice, that problem is fixed! All day yesterday when he was tired he just fell asleep on his own and he still sleeps through the night! He's getting so big I don't even call him a baby anymore :( He's a little man already!

He loves being outside! Last night we went to the pool and he loved it. Even though it was a little chilly.
I love the age he is now. He's so cute and loves looking at everything. Especially ceiling fans! He's never fussy unless he has gas or gets hungry. If ever baby was this easy and I didn't have my cervix problems I would have a ton!

I can't wait until he walks and talks! But I wish I could freeze him so he doesn't get any older than that! 
He's such a happy baby!

He knows what his bottle is and gets excited when he see's it. And now he tries holding it. So cute!

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