Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 Months!

Today my little boy is 6 months old!

He had his 6 month check up bright and early this morning. He now weighs 18 pounds 15 ounces and is 25 1/2 inches long!

He loved messing with the paper on the table.

He got 3 shots today :( I hate hearing him cry so hard. It was time for him to eat so right after his shots he had a bottle and it calmed him down and he fell asleep in the car. 

After that we went to breakfast. Normally he is fussy most of the day after shots but he was such a happy baby today. He laughed and smiled the rest of the day! Thank god!

We then went to Whole Foods. I freaking LOVE that place! Since I've been eating healthy this last month it's just so easy to go in there and find stuff. And our Whole Foods is in a fancier part of town so it's on the cutest street where there's other cute shops and restaurants. You actually have to park in a parking garage.

Before we went in Whole Foods there's a store linked to them that is called Whole Body. I have never seen one in any other city I've been in but they have the coolest stuff. They have tons of stuff for your body that is all natural like soaps, pills, deodorants, bath salts, shampoos. You name it!

This is what I got...
The top left looks like sweet potatoes but it's not lol It's a yummy smelling body scrub. They have all of the scrubs in salts in containers and you get how ever much you want and weigh it. Love it! The yellow one is a bath soak. And then the bottom two are soaps. The pink is like grapefruit something. I forget but it smells yummy and then tan one is almond. I planning on using the soaps for when I make my own laundry soap. You grate the soaps and you add it with a bunch of other stuff.
 More on that later!

We walked down to Anthropologie and there was a little store that had side walk chalk outside so I just had to...

Then we went to Whole Foods. Shopped and had lunch there. I swear it's the coolest store ever.

After that we went to Blake's dads. Where little man thought he was a big boy...
His hair is blonde! Crazy since it was super dark when he was born.

After that we went home where he played and napped and is now asleep. So needless to say we didn't get his 6 month picture done today but I will def do it in the morning!

He's getting so big it's crazy!

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