Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big boy bed time!

I finally finished cleaning out Levi's dresser. I was super sad to see that he never even wore half of the stuff and a lot of it was so cute! :(

Here's what is getting passed on to a friend...
I must have gotten excited while prego and did just a little to much shopping!

Now he has plenty of room for his big boy clothes as I call them.

This picture is awful but we went to dinner tonight. He LOVES sitting up like a big boy so he can look at everything.

And then he got a bath which he loves! I'm pretty sure he could sit in the tub all night if I let him.
His new trick is to stick his foot up to let the water hit it lol

Extra close up but you can see his pretty eyes and lashes he gets from his daddy :)

All ready for bed. 
He looks so big in this picture!

Ever since the day we brought him home he has always slept in his rock and play sleeper. It just seemed to be more comfortable for him and I felt more comfortable with it because it sits him up at an angle in case he spit up. But now that he's getting so big tonight we're putting him in his crib. Sad face!

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