Thursday, June 14, 2012

50th Birthdays!

Today was my moms 50th Birthday! And this is what she woke up to!

50 balloons on her floor when she got home from work. She text me and said You're cleaning this mess up! Haha!

This past year has been rough for her so I wanted to make it special. She had been talking about wanting a new camera for a long time so that's what I got her! She also mentioned the other day she wanted Chinese. Not just any Chinese though...a certain Chinese Restaurant that has coconut chicken, which happens to be about a 30 minute drive. I talked to my brother and his wife and had them meet us there with out letting her know. I'm good! She had no clue where we were even going. And from the earlier activities she was kinda scared to go! lol

I got her one of those pointy hats that said 'Over The Hill' and of course she wouldn't wear it. My 4 year old nephew did though. And speaking of him...I embarrassed her enough by bringing a balloon that said when it came time to cut her cake she didn't want us to sing Happy Birthday to her in the restaurant so we lit the candles and she blew them out in a hurry. He was soooo mad! He said 'Nana we didn't sing you happy birthday!'. So we lit them again and said the first 2 lines super fast and she blew them out. That didn't satisfy him so he sat there pouting and wouldn't eat his cake. Funniest thing ever!  And then he sat in his parents car and yelling my name and crying because he wanted to go home with me with out his parents there. Love him!

My little boy earlier today. He puts his hands in fists and rubs his eyes when he's tired. It's adorable! He also tries holding his bottle now and when he see's me shaking it up he kicks his legs and gets excited and even puckers his mouth waiting for it!

We had to stop at Target on the way home and he was so sleepy he was doing his baby talk really loud except it was almost like a yawn and he held it as long as he could. Imagine passing a baby at a store that's going Ahhhhhhh! for like 10 seconds. He did it like 5 times and the older women women we passed said he sure has some good lungs!

He just gets cuter every day!

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