Monday, March 19, 2012

So Big!

It's amazing how fast babies change. I've heard it a million times but when you see it happen to your own baby it's just crazy! Within the last week I've noticed a big difference.  He's bigger for one. He's growing into his chub and is a lot longer. He's realizing he has arms and legs. He kicks all the time and will even kick you. And he takes  his hand and puts it in a fist and sucks on his first finger. He even makes lip smacking noises when he does it. 
I always say Hi Baby...he gets the biggest smile and almost laughs. He smiles allllll the time. He tries to do the baby talk and makes baby noises now other than crying. He really doesn't cry unless he's telling you he's hungry or like today he's been awake since 7:30 this morning and it's a little after 8pm now and he just fell asleep. But he gets fussy because he's so tired and tries to stay awake. He's been in size 1 diapers for awhile but within no time we're gonna need size 2. 
He no longer fits in newborn clothes. He wears 0-3 months and even some stuff that's 3 months. I hate the sizing on baby clothes. Each brand is different. Like today he wore an outfit that is 6 months. My favorite is Gerber onesies or anything Carter.
He's drinking 4 ounces every 3 hours. Unless it's night time then he sleeps longer. He only wakes up twice a night to eat. Sometimes we get lucky and he only wakes up once. 

We were at Target yesterday getting his Easter outfit and this lady said he looks like a Gerber baby. Everywhere we go little old ladies stop and talk to him and say how pretty he is. I guess that's why he gets mistaken for a girl even when he's wearing blue!

I'm so glad he's out of the newborn stage. Love babies but I'm loving the stage he's getting to now. He's freaking cute!

 We were sitting outside watching Daddy grill ribs for dinner!
 Put his pj's on and he's finally snoozing. This is  how I am currently holding him as I've typed this whole post with one hand! lol
So cute!

I've said a million times I'm only having one but I'm not so sure I can only see that much cuteness one time! Priceless!

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