Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Baby

Poor Levi has a cold :( We took him to the doctor yesterday because I was paranoid that it was going to turn into something worse than a cold. He's congested and has a cough. We already have a humidifier. I use the saline spray and the booger sucker thing. And I even turned the shower on really hot and sat in there with him to let the steam clear him up but it really didn't help either. He got weighed and little hefer weighs 12.7 pounds already! He's in the 52nd percentile for his weight. Not bad for being 5 weeks premature! The doctor said I could give him a small dose of acetaminophen or a small dose of benadryl. I hope it goes away soon because he is extra fussy!

I wish the weather would decide on what it wants to do! It's suppose to be 78 all this week! And.....I'm off Tuesday, Wednesday and don't have to work until Thursday night so I think we're gonna make a quick trip down to the beach! We sooo need a break! Blake had a change in work plans so on April 15th he starts school for Criminal Justice!

I went to the doctor this week also. I have the funniest doctor ever! He cracked me up during my delivery and I had to get my yearly check up so as he was doing it they were making fun of Hilary Clinton. Hahaha! He said he would call  me when the results come back in about my cervix. Crossing my fingers that my stupid cervix is doing what it should be doing!

Last night we went to dinner with Blake's sister, her bf and her 2 kids. And then we met their dad and step mom at the bar where they were singing Karaoke. I haven't been out in sooooo long! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen! Blake's dad got down on some James Brown! The crowd was mostly older but it was sooo funny!

Love him!

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