Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Levi started sucking on his hand hence the teething post last week. I was finally able to record him doing it.  I think it's so cute.

And little boy was drinking 4 ounces every 3 hours but ever since yesterday he's been kinda out of whack and wanting to eat more so now we're going to try 5 ounces and see if that helps. It's so hard figuring all of this stuff out. I got the whole figuring out what he wants when he cries down. The cries are different for eating, being tired and changing his diaper. The worst is when he's tired. Like right now. He's been awake since 5 and is fighting sleep. The cutest thing ever is how much he smiles in his sleep. And I mean big smiles. At least he's having happy dreams!  

Tomorrow I have my 2 month check up post giving birth. I guess he's gonna check my cervix and make sure it healed okay. He can have it for all I care! And at the last visit he put me on birth control since I don't plan on having anymore babies. TMI but Aunt Flo is officially back :( I really hate her!

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