Thursday, March 29, 2012

A little rant

Today I was sitting in the back seat with Levi and was having a day dream about my whole pregnancy. Every single day at least once September 29th pops into my head. I've explained it in words what happened but unless you actually felt the physical and emotional pain I went through on that day you have no clue what it was like.

It reallllllly irritates me when people try to down play what happened or act like it wasn't a big deal or act like they've gone through worse. Which I'm sure some people have. Certain people just really work my nerves about this whole subject. I'm sorry that you don't have a piece of string holding your child in you.

I didn't choose to be on bed rest. Nor did I choose to have my son premature. I'm sorry that life happens and I had to deal with what I was handed. And I think I dealt with it pretty well.

I thank god that I have my beautiful baby boy. Laying on a table being told that you aren't sure whether he is going to make it or not. And then again being told that numerous times the next few weeks isn't something to take lightly. So the fact that I even made it to 35 weeks was a miracle. And what is even more of a miracle is that he was born with nothing wrong. He never once had to go to the nicu. So when I here people say you need to go full term I just wanna smack em. I mean do I look stupid. That's obvious that you would want a full term baby but some people aren't that lucky.

So before you say rude comments or a comment that you may not even think is rude you should probably stop and think about whether it may offend someone else. I try to be nice to every person I meet but sometimes it's just not possible. I've gotten stepped on my entire life and sometimes I just feel the need to put certain people in their place. Lately I've done it quite often. And I know I'm not perfect and I've said things but it was because I felt disrespected and talked to like I just described. For someone to make a rude comment and hurt you are they really your friend anyway. 

Probably not.

That's all.

P.s. According to the baby center growth chart Levi is actually ahead of where he should be. And all of his measurements are normal. So take that haters.

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