Friday, May 17, 2013

This past Tuesday we ended up taking Levi to the ER. The Friday before his grandpa watched him and when we picked him up that night he was congested and sounded awful.

My mom was watching him Tuesday night and said he just didn't wanna do anything. He was cranky and every time he would fall asleep he would wake up. And that his breathing didn't look good.

So instead of waiting until the next morning we just headed to the ER. They said he still had a double ear infection in his middle ear. And a virus hence the hacking cough and fever. He had just had an ear infection 2 weeks prior so apparently it never went away.

They gave him a stronger antibiotic and albuterol for his cough. He is soooo much better now! Last night was the first night he slept all the way through since Friday. Thank god cuz this momma was tired!

He looked so pitiful :(

He loves drawing now. He has a pen mark in this picture above his eyebrow.

Yesterday he was playing with his sidewalk chalk. I noticed he had a blue mouth and he actually took a bite out of it! He is such a mess.

He is still talking like crazy. You can tell him a word or sentence and he repeats it. Last night my mom said See Ya Later! He repeated it and kept saying it.

If you ask him where his eye is, he shows you. Same with hair, mouth, nose, and ears.

I was also sitting on the couch earlier and he was trying to climb and he said Up!

If you give him a snack and he wants more he is still making the Hmm noise. I think it's cute. If he is in his car seat I can hear him doing it so I know what he wants with out even having to look.

And the biggest thing is he is finally showing interest in walking! Normally if you hold his hands to walk he would sit down and fuss. Now he laughs and smiles. He loves climbing. He goes out the door and makes an Ughh sound when he gets down.

Today is my nephews second birthday. His party is on Sunday!

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